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Why Should You Scrap Your Minivan and Buy an SUV?

At the head of a growing family? Need to regularly carry more than five passengers? It used to be that minivans were basically your only option, but it’s now becoming more common to see drivers who require space for up to eight driving three-row SUVs. If you’re still piloting an old minivan, here are just a few reasons why you should scrap your old vehicle and buy a three-row SUV to replace it.

Superior Drive

Minivans are not exactly famous for their performance. Cumbersome and often underpowered, handling tends to be poor and acceleration woeful. Not so with an SUV. Sure, you won’t feel like you’re behind the wheel of a two-door coupe, but you’ll certainly find overtaking and changing lanes easier, and you should find handling vastly improves over a minivan. That’s because SUVs use bodies and engines that focus on power and performance, while minivans generally prioritize practicality to the detriment of other factors.

Wide Selection

There’s never been a huge selection of minivans, and numbers are dwindling even further as the SUV boom takes over the hearts and minds of more drivers. These days, you should be able to find a whole host of three-row SUVs; whether you’re looking for a luxury model with the latest features, a rough-and-ready vehicle capable of heading into the great outdoors, or simply a basic model that keeps costs low, you should find exactly what you’re searching for.

Added Peace of Mind

Minivans and three-row SUVs are both designed for optimal safety, but only SUVs are commonly fitted with available all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive systems. In contrast, minivans are almost exclusively 2-wheel drive only, which means you won’t enjoy the same level of traction or control across slippery or uneven surfaces.

Cooler Appearance

Finally, SUVs simply look better than minivans. Where the SUV is cool and commanding, the minivan is frumpy and outdated. This might not be the most practical of benefits, but there’s no denying that it’s nicer to drive a vehicle when you appreciate instead of tolerate its appearance.