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About BordersBlog

BordersBlog contributors are independent people leading exciting lives and willing to share their traveling adventures. If you are one of them, we encourage you to join our friendly community. This blog is about all things travel, so we gladly share any information we can find.

At BordersBlog we share travel realities as they are and tips that help people enjoy their adventures. This means we welcome information that takes travelers out of regular tourist routes. The joy of discovery is one of the best parts of the entire traveling experience. Our blog aims to help readers find that joy and avoid the risks of diving into a new place blindly.

We’ve designed our blog to be easy to navigate, so everyone can find what they need fast. BordersBlog is also connected with various blogs of reputed travelers. They are full of articles written by people from their real-life experiences. And we share those invaluable posts through our blog, giving readers the precious personal insights they won’t be able to find on any major travel agency website. The wide range of topics covered on our includes:-

  • Airlines, Buses, Trains
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Why You Should Partner With Us?

With over 12,500 unique visitor every month BordersBlog is a popular option for advertisers. Our media partnerships ensure your content will get a great deal of exposure. Our contributors are located on most continents, which makes it easier for your business to be promoted through Borders Blogs. We highlight all areas of travel and travel blogging. In particular some of are focus is specialised to culture, couples activities, city guides as well as how-to-posts. We also love photography, adventure and inspiration. All in all, we’ll not only provide your brand with extra exposure. We’ll make sure you get a reputation boost you deserve.

Who Are Our Partners?

As well as travel brands our partners also include smaller businesses. Part of the joy of traveling is discovering wonderful new travel accommodation and trying out different travel experiences. If you provide any of those, contact us and we’ll come up with a way to endorse and promote your business in our travel articles. It doesn’t matter if you are running a hostel or a camping site, we’ll develop the promotion strategy that will work best for you.

How Can We Partner?

As part of these partnerships we can offer you any or all of the following:

  • Ads In The Form Of Banners
  • Sponsored Posts
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You get exposure by way of travel tips and photos. We ensure effective multimedia promotion using a variety of marketing channels. This includes social media, online publications, and other blogs.

In our experience, we’ve helped a variety of travel-related businesses. Our advertising is equally effective for full-fledged resorts and small local restaurants. If you seek to get your name out there so that people start thinking of your business when they hear of some destination, BordersBlog will help you make that happen.

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