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Let me introduce myself. My name is Dylan Barrett. I live with my girlfriend Chin Xiong in Orlando, Florida. A little about the both of us. I have been working in the importing and exporting business sector for many years now. Chin is originally from the Philippines, and works as a professional photographer. Our blog is written for inquisitive and intelligent people who like to learn about global travel. Our passion is adventure and we love sharing that with our readers.

Our Story

Chin and I first met in the wonderful city of Barcelona. I was on a business trip and Chin was doing the Bohemian travel thing back-packing around Europe. I was grabbing a coffee in between meetings when I noticed Chin and we got chatting and we just clicked. Although it’s a cliche I believe it was love at first sight. There was definitely chemistry as we strolled down the La Rambla, Barcelona’s famous boulevard, taking in the sights of the street performers. One of our first memories is visiting “The Magic Fountain of Montju?c” together. The light, music and water extravaganza at night is certainly something special. So our journey together began as I grabbed precious hours between meetings. Our time however was all too short as I had to return back to headquarters in Orlando in but a few short days. We are

Chin continued on through Europe and we stayed in touch by email. Chin sent me her amazing photos she had taken as she traveled South through Spain and on to Gibraltar. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and muse over the new tales and photos she had taken that day. I just had a few not so interesting stories from back home and work. Still we couldn’t wait to catch up on Skype, I would race home and log on at 6pm and Chin would stay awake past midnight to take my call and chat for hours. With a little gentle persuasion directed towards my boss, I “volunteered” to take an upcoming business trip to Italy and Chin and I met up again in Florence. It was whilst we strolled through The Boboli Gardens taking in the beautiful statues and fountains that we decided to take our relationship to the next level. Chin agreed to come to the good old US of A as soon as possible. And the rest they say is History…

A New Life Together

So within a few short weeks I waited impatiently and nervously at Orlando International Airport as Chins’ flight touched down. It was the start of our new life together. Chin had studied in London to gain her BA in Photography and had traveled to many countries but still she had never been to the States. Things are a little different on this side of the pond and I know it took a little time for her to get used to things State-Side! Having been around Europe and living in the UK for three years I know the one thing that she struggled to take in was the portion sizes and eat all you want buffets here in the US.We are

After nearly a year of traveling after gaining her 2:1 degree it was time for Chin to get to work and fulfill her dream of becoming a professional photographer. However it has to be said that we both had the travel bug. I was increasingly able to get away from the States on business trips as well as holidays and we wanted to share those things together. It didn’t make sense for Chin to be tied to an office job in the US whilst I went on business trips on my own. So Chin decided to work freelance as a photographer. Her favorite type of photographs to take are pictures of the world, attractions, monuments, sunsets and beaches. It’s just a shame I am often her model! I usually get to take a business trip every six to eight weeks. It is no longer a lonely chore as Chin accompanies me. Whilst I take meetings Chin is busy taking photographs for her website. We have the best time as I steal time away from meetings and add vacation time to our trips.

About Our Blog

So you see travel is how we met and it is one of the things that strengthens our bond and makes our lives exciting. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are now! We started this blog a few years ago in order to share our amazing adventures with the readers and also Chins’ amazing photographs.

We enjoy experiencing something new, something different. We love the feeling of being in a place we don’t know anything about as well as re-visiting our favorite places. I would say that both of us are adventure junkies. That’s probably why we are so compatible! It keeps our relationship alive and fresh. Both of us are are spontaneous and crave adventure.

I have always loved nature and the outdoors. Chin took a little convincing but now we often add adventurous activities to our trips. We have been skiing, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking and surfing. Next year we plan to bungee jump from Ayers Rock, Australia.

For all of those of you that want to fulfill your travel dreams but you are not sure where to go or how to do it, we can tell you our experiences. So before you head off on your next adventure drop by our blog and see what is in store for you all around the globe.

Best wishes & thanks for dropping by.

Dylan & Chin