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Why Croatia is the Next Emerging Culinary Destination?

Indeed, the food in Croatia has always been wonderful. However, a fresh take on traditional Croatian cuisine has changed the country’s food landscape. This is especially so as a wave of new chefs, restaurant owners, winemakers, and food connoisseurs revive its gastronomic heritage.

With the finest food, wine, and cheese, the next big thing in culinary destinations in Croatia. Not only that, but it is also emerging as the elite of European haute cuisine. Keep reading as we highlight the plethora of reasons why Croatia should be next on your luxury culinary holiday.

History of Croatia’s Culinary Geopolitics

Situated between the harsh winters of the Balkans and the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia’s food scene primarily consisted of risotto, freshly caught fish, and smoked meat. The food is as diverse as the cultural influences in the country. You can find unique flavours that comprise influences such as the Balkans, Italian, Greek, and even Ottoman.

The region has it all; the perfect level of salt production along the coast, a massive supply of fresh fish from the ocean, an ideal climate for wine production, and distinct olive oil that is the best in the region.

Unfortunately, due to Communism and the war in the nineteenth century, the country could not make use of these benefits. Food production was largely centralised, and individuality in food was stifled. However, today, the scars have healed, and Croatia’s food fortunes have returned. 

The Emergence of Unique Food Trends

For decades, Croatians’ variegated traditions of the past relating to food and wine production were frozen. But like an uninterrupted story, it has been revived yet again. In recent years, it was clear that a new wave of chefs had infiltrated the dining scene.

With their forward-thinking ideas that combined innovativeness with the quintessential Croatian traditions, the food in the region is a must-try for everyone. This, combined with its massive islands, natural history, and old town charm, makes Croatia a top luxury holiday destination.

Today, in large and small cities, you will find menus sporting dishes that feature fresh and local produce and meat but are made through innovative and sophisticated methods like vertical presentation, infusion, and sous vide. You can find modern takes on traditional Croatian dishes like the Pasta Fazol, Wine Goulash, Istrian Stew, and more.

Besides the traditional local cuisine, modern cities have also seen an explosion of ethnic restaurants. In cities like Zagreb and Dubrovnik, you can now sample global cuisines ranging from Mexican, Thai, and Japanese to even Southern American.

With a multitude of influences and an array of unique flavours, Croatian cuisine is often hard to describe. But the only thing travellers need to know about it is that it is a must-try since it is bursting with flavour. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or even some wine, you can indulge in the best kind in this stunning luxury destination. 

Croatia is the Next Big Foodie Destination

There is so much more Croatia offers than the sun, forests, and the sea. Dining is considered a national sport in the country, and it is evident why. Food is surprisingly tasty wherever you go. Not just that, but it dons a unique taste you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

With the organic food production and local wine, each part of the country offers something different, fresh, and undeniably delicious. For this reason, Croatia is emerging as the next big thing when it comes to culinary destinations. The late chef, Anthony Bourdain, was the first person actually to recognise this. And his words still ring true today, “This is world-class food, world-class wine, world-class cheese. The next big thing is Croatia.”

Modern Croatian Cuisine

For a taste of luxurious and contemporary cuisine that oozes flavour and is unique to Croatia only, you must visit the capital city of Zagreb. It has restaurants that have been highly appreciated by the locals and tourists alike.

For a fine dining experience, don’t miss out on visiting the Noel restaurant. However, consider visiting the many bistros, including Baltazar, Malibar, and Tac, if you’re looking for something laidback but still lavish.

Final Words

The world’s best restaurant list contains several mentions of Croatian cuisine, which shows that the cuisine in the country is a must-try. Croatian cuisine can be aptly described as simple, delectable, and unforgettable with the widely diverse cultural influences and an ode to modernity and luxury.

The food story of Croatia is still in the making. Nevertheless, now is the best time to visit. Book your trip with the finest luxury travel company,  SevenTravel. We curate tailor-made trips for our clients so that they can have a trip of a lifetime. And what better culinary destination to visit than Croatia?

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