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Which Are The Best Places To Explore In 2021?

After all that you were through in 2020, you deserve a break after the travel restrictions are lifted in 2021. We understand that you might have also canceled or postponed your much-awaited vacation to keep yourself and your family safe. But once the international bans are lifted, you can be free again. However, it will be best to carry a travel size hand sanitizer bottle wherever you go.

These travel restrictions are not here to stay forever, and governments of various countries are taking all measures to remove them as early as possible. Once you start planning again, we assume that you will need some help with it. So, we have listed below some of the best places to visit in 2021.

Let us take a look at them.

  • New Zealand

You only have to wait till the international borders open. Because, once it does, New Zealand is waiting with open arms to welcome you. This country in the southern hemisphere will provide you with isolated getaways where you do not have to worry about getting overcrowded.

  • South Africa

After the Coved trauma, one of the best places to visit in 2021 in South Africa. You can fulfill your long-term wish of experiencing a safari. You will be spoiled with choices when it comes to selecting safari camps in the country. The most popular among all are the Sabi Sands and Kruger National Park.

  • USA Road Trips

If you are a resident of the United States of America or the neighboring countries, you can plan your road trip to the country once the borders open. There is more to explore than it meets the eye. You can explore the Arizona, Pacific Coast Highway, and the Joshua Tree National Park during this trip.

  • Botswana

There is no denying that the Coved wave hit Botswana, but it successfully contained it, making the country one of the least affected. There are several isolated escapes to try, which will help you breathe some air of freedom.

  • Austria

If you want to go down the less explored path of Europe, then Austria should be on top of your list. It will give you a chance to experience central Europe. Some of the places that you can visit are Salzburg, Hallstead, etc. These are no longer overcrowded tourist destinations.

  • Santorini

Santorin was famous then and is still one of the most preferred travel destinations. If you can be one of the early birds to reach the place, you can have the one most populated island all to yourself, well, almost. Also, after the pandemic, the area has become affordable.


So, you see, these are the places that you need to add to your travel list once travel restrictions and international borders open. You deserve this vacation after all the lockdown and stress you were through in 2020. You can turn this trip into one of the most memorable ones by virtue of being the first after the pandemic effect on travel.