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What are the Benefits of Booking Luxury Serviced Accommodation?

When you go on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, tackle a major business trip, or simply want to get away from home for a while, you can always book a stay at a hotel. However, that’s not the best way to experience traveling, anymore.

No, luxury serviced accommodation is the new, hot trend for travelers everywhere, and there’s a reason for that: It takes the idea of a luxury hotel and elevates it into a truly luxurious experience.

Here are three benefits you gain by booking a luxury serviced accommodation instead of more traditional options.

Luxurious, Fully-Furnished Space

A luxury serviced accommodation isn’t just a tiny hotel with fancy furniture. It’s a full-blown apartment that provides you with plenty of room to handle any stressful work, maintain your workout regimen, or even just relax after a day of exploring the local area.

All of this is complemented with full luxury furnishings and amenities. Unlike other options that often come with nothing more than a microwave, chair, and a questionable bed, luxury serviced accommodations provide you with full living areas, private bedrooms, and typically full or half kitchens with all the latest appliances and furnishings at your disposal.

These accommodations are based out of luxury apartment buildings. So, you can book single bedroom accommodations for a couple’s weekend getaway, or you can get a full, three-bedroom apartment for a truly lavish family vacation.  On any occasion, you’ll have plenty of space to feel at home.

5-Star Maid Service

Luxury serviced accommodations don’t just give you the look, space, and atmosphere of living in a luxury apartment. They also give you the benefit of maid service included in the price of your stay.

Rather than worrying about making beds, vacuuming up crumbs from your late-night snacks, or taking the trash out, the included maid service will tackle all of those time-consuming tasks so you can focus on enjoying your stay and exploring the local attractions.

Maid service melds the convenience of a hotel stay with the luxurious and spacious atmosphere of a luxury apartment to create a truly enjoyable experience.

Versatile Accommodations

One of the main benefits of luxury serviced accommodation is that, unlike hotels, motels, and other short-term accommodations, you can book extended stays with ease.

Luxury serviced accommodations are a lot more flexible than traditional options when it comes to the duration of your stay. You can book a high-end apartment for a short, weekend getaway with your spouse, or you can book it for as long as a year or more for situations that require such a thing.

This makes a luxury serviced accommodation an attractive option for traveling businessmen who might be away from home for months at a time, those who need long-term housing but don’t want to lease an apartment for themselves, or anyone else that needs consistent, long-term, accommodations.

Better yet, luxury serviced accommodations include everything needed to feel at home. So, you don’t have to worry about furnishing your new living area, your security, or anything else.

Luxury Serviced Accommodations: An Elevated Travel Experience

Luxury serviced accommodations offer all the benefits of a hotel or Airbnb, but they elevate those experiences in every way. They have more room, a more luxurious atmosphere, and higher-quality services; all complimented with full furnishings and a high level of security.

If you’re traveling, book a luxury serviced accommodation today to see for yourself.