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Visiting the Poetic Land of Zurich

Situated at the confluence of a serene lake and beautiful river, Zurich is a city that travels straight from fantasy land to earth. Known as one of the most livable cities in the world, you can’t experience the magic and charm it has to bring by living in a hotel. The best way to feel its natural calm vibe is to book apartments in Zurich. These serviced apartments come with all the facilities you want, right from easy transport to laundry.

For everyone who wants to experience the most elegant post-modern culture of Europe, there is nothing better than Zurich. This is not all, you experience a rich history and a classy European heritage that no other place in the EU can offer.

What to visit in Zurich?

When in Zurich, don’t forget to visit the Kunsthaus. It is a beautiful fine arts gallery that showcases some of the best works from van Gogh and Rodin. There are stick sculptures from Aleberto Giacometti and a mesmerizing mix of arts from the Middle ages to the 20th century. The Fraumunster is also a great place to be. If you only have little time, experience the Street Parade.

The Gossmunster and Fraumunster are two places every tourist visits in Zurich. These two churches, one designed in Romanesque and the other in gothic style will take your breath away with their sheer beauty. A hidden museum in the city is the Reitberg museum that will fancy you with its huge collection of Asian paintings, specially from India.

If you have an evening to spare, visit Lake Promenade. This is one of the hotspots for tourists and locals alike in the summer. There is also a small but mesmerizing Chinese Garden in the city that will captivate your senses and make you fall in love with nature once again. Near this garden is the Corbusier House. Though this house is open to visit only once a week every summer, it is still one of the most sought-after attractions in the city.

If you love coffee, then you should visit the Jacob Coffee Museum as well. It spells the journey of everyone’s favorite drink and talks about the history as well as the culture that has developed around this drink.

What to eat in Zurich?

Feeling hungry already? Experience the most delectable Swiss cuisine when you are in Zurich. Enjoy shallot jus and dark chocolate with some wine and venison ravioli. Egg-noodles called Spatzli are delicious ways to fill your stomachs with the best of Swiss tastes. While you are here, don’t forget to try herb filled trout and a wide selection of statement pastries that will make your taste buds happier than ever. The truffles and pralines are straight from heaven.

Zurich has a lot to offer to cultured tastes. It is a place where you could learn about art, enjoy masterpieces, bask in the glory of the natural beauty of simply sip a wine and have a light meal. The choice is yours!