Traveling with Kids in Tow

While Chin and I don’t have any children (yet!) we often come across globetrotting travelers that do. Traveling with kids is an artform all unto its self and an adventure I can’t wait to partake in. Kids are sponges for new experiences and new information…just imagine experiencing and learning so much for the first time. What perfect traveling companions! I can’t wait to travel with kids, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post!

The Amazing Pack and Play

Touring Europe recently, a friend Chin and I met on the road introduced us to pack and plays. While in Italy, we had a blast while babysitting our friend’s little boy, Ronan, for a day. While mom and dad were introduced to wine tasting at beautiful Italian vineyards, we were introduced to a pack and play. This pack and play thing is the bomb! Basically, it’s a collapsible crib or play pin with changing table or game table built in. They fold down small and are relatively lightweight, making them the perfect companions for ninja parents (and wine-tasters!) on the go.

Not all pack and plays are created equal. Some are shaky and downright dangerous. Since your most beloved child is involved, you must do your homework on this one and make sure your baby ninja is safe! Additionally, certain models have strengths and weaknesses that will come very important once you start using the thing…and you will use it a lot. There are many reviews online for pack and plays, but by far the best we’ve seen is this review specifically for the best pack and play for travel.

Not only are these pack and plays super convenient for the parents…they are very helpful for the kids too! Having a comfortable place to call home and having some familiar surroundings are important to children. While we adults have chosen and adapted to our wanderlust lifestyles easily, kids have to be introduced somewhat gradually. Keeping a certain amount of consistency in your travels will help your kids adjust. Each time the pack and play is unpacked they will know they have a safe, familiar place to play in.

So, our bottom line is this: if you are a parent or know a parent, check out these portable pack and plays to make life on the road easier! We were fascinated by them, and I’m sure you will be too!