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Three Days in Hong Kong

Are you going to fly into Hong Kong this year? Then keep on reading this guide to ‘Three Days in Hong Kong’, it will surely help you plan your trip in a more organized way.

 Hong Kong is the place where “East meets west”, it has an iconic skyline, endless entertainment, a famed kitchen, and a well-protected nature filled with rare birds and vivid traditions grown on Chinese roots.

Day 1

Visit the Choi Hung Estate by the Red double decker buses in Hong Kong. This is an evocative basketball court surrounded by fascinating tall buildings, and the place is so beautiful that it’s worth the time in your trip. I recommend you to visit this place in the morning hours as it get crowded as the hours go by with thousands of tourists.

Your next destination should be Nan Lian Garden which is a quite small but delightful place with a tranquil nature. A perfect place for a walk, which is a must in your day-out as entrance is free of charge. Then you can walk to the Chi Lin Nunnery temple, the biggest wooden hand-made building in Hong Kong which stands next to the Nan Lian Garden. The impressive carvings, wooden golden and clay Buddha statues will take about 1 hour of your day-out.

After your lunch take a bus to the Kowloon Walled City Park which had been the world’s densest city a long time ago filled with crime and vice. But now it’s a park with a small museum with artifacts expressing their dreadful history. You can also visit the Hau Wong temple nearby, an old, small but a beautiful temple with attractive Chinese calligraphy.

On a direct bus from Hau Wong temple head to the Avenue of Stars, a waterfront prom for some best views of Hong Kong.

So, now it’s the perfect time to do shopping at Mong Kok District which is a quite chaotic place but a heaven for shopping addicts. I suggest you to have some street food while walking through the shopping malls. Temple Street Night Market should be the final destination of day 1 in Hong Kong. Buy some souvenirs to take home and capture some photographs near the night market!

  • Day 2

Riding the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, is the coolest thing to do in Hong Kong as the views are incredible. It is located in Lantau Island. You can be there after a 20-minutes ride through the subway. You can choose either a crystal cabin for wider sights or a regular cabin for those who are afraid of heights.

To burn your extra fat, climb the 268 steps near the cable car to approach Tian Tan Big Buddha, an impressive huge bronze Buddha statue followed by another small six Buddha statues. You can also visit the nearby Po Lin Monastery to serene your mind with the Hong Kong culture.

The Victoria Peak Tram ride is a thing not to be missed as you can admire the scenic views of private villas, forests and tall skyscrapers while you are on it. This 15 minutes’ ride will take you to the Victoria Peak, and from there you can walk to the Lugard Road Viewpoint that provides you with more impressive views of Hong Kong’s skyline than Victoria Peak View. After seeing the sunset at the Victoria Peak, pick a bus to Star Ferry Pier and experience the Symphony lights of Victoria Harbor.

  • Day 3

For you last day I suggest two options; a day tour either to Macau or to Disneyland. You should take a ferry to the picturesque Macau. This will take about one hour, but the journey is worth it. I advise you to take a hop on and hop off the bus to explore the city from the ferry terminal. The ride comprises 16 stops but covers almost all the tourist attractions in Macau including A-ma Temple, Macau Tower and the famous casinos. Make sure you have your passport with you while entering and don’t forget to taste the unique dishes in Macau style.

Disneyland Hong Kong is the best place to have fun if you avoid holidays and weekends. One of the perfect amusement theme parks in Asia. Tickets are issued for every ride and make sure you return at the mentioned time on the ticket. Iron Man experience, Mystic Manor, Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster and Tarzan’s Tree House are things not to be missed in Disneyland. You can also enjoy the Disneyland’s Parade with cartoon characters and live shows.

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