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The connection between print and travel

The world is becoming a little more digitised every single day. Physical cash looks like it is going to become defunct in the next number of years thanks to the advent of contactless and the development of new technology such as Apple Pay. The role of a customer service advisor in a shop has become diminished over the past decade as most supermarkets have rolled out a copious number of self-service checkouts, meaning customers serve themselves. Despite all the technological advancements we see around us, is there certain digital developments we as a world simply refuse to trust and accept the reliability off?

Every year millions of Brits set off on holiday in a bid to alleviate some of the stress that has accumulate over the year. There are few better things in life than checking into the hotel, ditching the bags, and going to lounge by the pool, knowing full well you’ve got another week of this, without work! The only issue is, you’ve contributed to those stress levels significantly since leaving the house back in Blighty 12 hours ago. But why is travelling such a stress inducing experience? This is self-explanatory — delays, queues, and the eventual family feud.

Airlines and hotels are just two big businesses which have bought into digitilisation. But, does this make our journey any easier? Apps that store all your various travel documents just don’t appear to be something we trust. The print industry’s relationship with travel is thriving and here, with book printing specialists: Where the Trade Buys, we examine why.

Boarding pass

Most major airlines now have their own app, which houses your boarding pass and allows you to check in online prior to your flight. So, surely in that case, you’ve nothing to worry about? Well, not quite. Forget to check in online with budget Irish airline and you will fall victim to a £55 spot charge when you arrive at the airport — you have to check in two hours before the flight. Likewise, if you don’t have your boarding pass, because, perhaps your phone has died, as the Apple iPhone often does, it isn’t only your flight departing — you’ll saying goodbye to the sum of £20.

This is not to suggest the specific apps are not of use, certainly download them and have all bases covered — they provide you with live flight updates!

Travel documentation

Once again, most insurance companies will send your policy through as a PDF file via email, however, many of us choose to print it out, and have a physical copy. Keep one in your purse or wallet and one in your suitcase — if one gets lost or stolen, you still have a copy to help you claim.

Alongside the insurance policy, a scanned copy of your passport and driving licence is crucial. This will speed up the process of getting a replacement if you happen to lose it. Similarly, leaving a printed copy of your passport at home is also worth considering, as in the event of any injury it will help your family.


No one uses a physical 1:25 000 anymore thanks to fully servicing maps being readily available on most smartphones. However, consider potential roaming charges before switching on your data in a foreign country. Take the Caribbean nation of Jamaica for example. For Vodafone pay monthly customers, using the internet for one day will be charged at £6, or 12p per MB for pay as you go customers. Picking up a map from the local tourist board might be more complex but could translate into significant savings.

By the pool

Data charges are high on holiday — that is a fact. A one-hour episode of your favourite Netflix series could cost as much as £120. Put the phone aside and pick up a best-selling novel. Holidays are for relaxation, therefore veering away from the daily rat-race of continual communication to indulge in some classic literature is exactly how to destress in the sun.

There are plenty of industries throughout the world that will always depend upon the beauty of printing, and travel is one. From the passport to the morning paper and chocolate bar at the airport, our entire journey will hinge involve ink and a thick ply.