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The Best Japanese Stationery Brands to Try When in Japan

Being a huge fan of stationery, no trip to Japan passes without me dragging my other half into a succession of Japanese stationery shops!

If you love your stationery and know it well, you’ll also know that there is simple standard stationery and then there is Japanese stationery – which is in an entirely different league of its own.

If you’re lucky enough ever to visit Japan, and you have an addiction to stationery as I do, these are just a few of the best Japanese stationary brands that you won’t want to miss during your trip.


Now an incredibly popular brand making its way across the United States, and well into the United Kingdom, Hobonichi may be a massive fan with those that love planners and bullet journals, but this is indeed a cult brand in Japan!

To many residents in Japan, Hobonichi is a way of life; such is its cult status! These books are great for offering varied colors and style but more so perfect for allowing you to purchase a plain book and go all out customizing it.

Great for those fountain lovers, they are so popular, as soon as they go on sale in Japan, the overseas market is inundated with sales requests. However, if you’re over in Japan, you’ll always get your pick of the bunch first!

Lihit Lab

If you’re a regular YouTube viewer, and you love following artists, writers, and illustrators, you may very well be aware of the Lihit Lab stationery brands.

This is once again a name that those overseas can’t get enough of and their products are seen as some of the most sought-after items all over the world.

Their pencil cases, or pen tabs as they’re referred to here, are their number one seller and offer stacks of practicality along with stylish designs and coverings.

Unlike the Hobonichi, Lihit Lab items aren’t as easily accessible to those outside of Japan, and it often means long waits for shipments. However, if you’re in Japan, you can experience all of their products first hand and get them at some of the most hugely reduced prices in the process!

Life Stationery

Finally, a beautiful and exquisite brand, Life Stationery was brought to life just after the second world war and continues to be made by hand by dedicated stationery lovers.

This is a place worth the visit for anyone interested in seeing the process behind those stunning notebooks, including hand gluing, hand trimming, and hand sorting of every item!