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Reasonable Accommodations in London: Vacationing Affordably

Accommodations in London aren’t cheap. After all, it is one of the most toured cities in the world, and it garners a massive amount of revenue from tourism alone; on top of being just like any other big city in terms of local prices. So, vacationing here can be a bit overwhelming for some. It can seem as if just having a place to stay in the city takes up most of the vacation budget.

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Today, we’re going to cover reasonably-priced accommodations in London that are luxurious but will still save you money.

We’re talking about serviced apartments.

If you’re not familiar with serviced apartments, have a look.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment is a type of accommodation that provides you with a full apartment, just like the one you’d lease, but you pay for it with a hotel-like payment model. Instead of a lease and monthly rent, you pay per night. Everything you’d expect a home to contain is also furnished in a serviced apartment. So, you’re not just booking an empty set of rooms.

Ways a Serviced Apartment Saves You Money

So, you’re probably wondering how a serviced apartment can save you money in regard to a hotel. You’re getting more space, more furnishings, and a generally far better experience. So, how is it “cheaper”?

Well, the flat price tag isn’t what you need to look at.

A: Per Person Fees

Hotels charge about 60-Euros per night per person in London. Most of them are higher than that and can reach 90-Euros per night per person. So, just by traveling with a partner, you can spend 180 Euros per night on a cramped hotel room you can’t cook in, aren’t comfortable in, and are forced to rely on outside services for all your basic needs.

A serviced apartment is different. Per-person fees are much more relaxed, and while bringing large parties along can raise your rate, just a partner or two isn’t a substantial price hike. They also cost roughly 160 Euros per night. So, the nightly rate can be lower depending on how many people you have.

B: Dining

You’re not cooking anything vacation-worthy in a hotel. You’re lucky to get a mini fridge and a microwave; let alone a stovetop, refrigerator, and everything else. That means that, while you’ll have a place to sleep, you will be stuck going out to eat or ordering takeout for every single meal. That can raise your vacation costs substantially, and considering restaurants aren’t looking out for your waistline, it can pack on some pounds, too.

C: Washing, Parking, and Other Services

Finally, at a hotel, you’ll be lucky to find an area to wash your clothes, parking is going to cost you extra, and basically, every other service will come with a price tag.

Since serviced apartments are fully furnished, you can take care of most things from the comfort of your apartment during your stay.

Book a Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments are the best accommodations in central London, and while they’re far more comfortable than hotels, they can also be cheaper. Just book a serviced apartment.