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Need A Travel Map That Says You Are Chic & Trendy? Get This Scratch Map

There was a time when it was fine if you had no travel map or even if you had one, no one cared for it. After all, the only one using it was you. But the advent of scratch map have changed that indifferent attitude towards maps, now travel map occupy a central place in a house and are often deemed as essential travel accessory for all those who are truly passionate about globetrotting. It has started a new trend in the map world. Now there are so many travel maps available, map apps, online map websites where you can use a map radius tool… the list goes on! If you are in look for a scratch map that stands out and seems to exude a sense of fashion, then we have got just the right travel map for you.

Scratch Map Rose Gold For True Fashionistas: Luckies of London introduced the world to the awesomeness of scratch maps and continued to make scratch maps ranging from timeless classic themes like Deluxe Map to the more specific scratch maps (Scratch Map Oceans). If you are someone who wants something which is not black or white but more hype, then what is better than Scratch Map Rose Gold. Or maybe you are someone who just have a weak spot for anything pink or rose gold, this scratch map is for you. Got you hooked on the word rose gold? Read on to discover more about this pretty Scratch World travel map poster.

  • Marble Effect & Pastel Hues:Luckies of London have outdone themselves in the artistic department by bringing in a marble effect underlay. The foil used for the countries is rose gold and once you are over admiring the beautiful map, scratch off the top foil and discover subtle pastel shades. Pretty peaches, purples and baby blues fill up the countries underneath the rose gold foil. This scratch map remains a masterpiece with and without the top foil.
  • Scratch With Care: Due to the marble effect, it is best to scratch off this map with an eraser. It is not to say the map is not durable, it is made with the finest quality materials and have the Luckies guarantee. Feel like true royalty as you scratch off a rose gold foil to document your travels.
  • Ownership Info On Gift Tube: This scratch map of A1 size comes in a stylish and strong gift tube that has space for personalized ownership information. Make the person feel truly special by gifting them this scratch map with their own name on it.
  • All The Capital Cities Included: No map of the world will be complete without mention of capital cities and Scratch Map Rose Gold has all the capital cities from around the world marked on the map.
  • State Lines For A Complete Map: This scratch off map has all the state and provincial lines marked for USA, Australia and Canada.
  • Brighten Up Any Room: Most of the scratch maps are either too simple or too out there and don’t fit in a room décor nicely, sticking out like a sore thumb. With this scratch map, no need to worry as the subtle map blends in and livens up all rooms.

Summary: Scratch Map Rose Gold is a scratch map perfect for those who want their maps to be a representation of their own fashion sense.

Author Bio: Esther Morton lives in a London and is training to be a nurse. To take a break from her high-pressure job, she likes to go on frequent trips.