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Top 7 best treks of Nepal

The beauty of the majestic peaks of Nepal is unmatched. These strong and resilient mountain tops stay forever elegant and resplendent to the viewer’s eyes. As they are the greatest gift of Mother Nature, they lure a string of trekkers from all over the world for various exhilarating activities. Among many enthralling activities, trekking is one of the popular things to do in Nepal. Nepal offers a wide range of trekking routes for different kinds of travelers. There are plenty of options available for trekking in Nepal, from short and easy treks to long testing journeys. We took out the top 7 best treks in Nepal for travelers planning to explore Nepal’s mountains. Travelers can pick out any treks for their incredible journey ahead.

Everest Base Camp

Home to the highest mountains globally- Mt. Everest, trekking to Everest Base Camp is a classic hiking route of Nepal. The trekking route oozes the natural beauty and vibrant Himalayan culture of Nepal. Along with that, the joy of seeing and walking amongst the huge mountain peaks is another perk of choosing the Everest Base Camp trek. It is a moderate-level trekking journey that is attainable by both rookies and experienced hikers. However, prior preparation is always a requirement. Moreover, as much as the journey is about being amidst the world’s highest peaks, it is also about experiencing mountain culture.

Trekkers will get to see impressive monasteries and other religious monuments like chortens, Gumbas, stupas, Mani walls, and prayer flags along the trail. These all signify the religious importance of the community. Therefore, the EBC trek is a great journey full of natural scenery and affluent cultures. Hence it is why it is one of the best treks of Nepal.

Annapurna Circuit trek

Another popular trek in Nepal is Annapurna Circuit Trek. In this trek, the journeyers can experience contrasting cultural and topographical features at once. Annapurna Circuit trek showcases the authentic Nepalese culture and Tibetan-influenced culture prevalent in this trekking area. The trek goes through high green hills following the route of roaring rivers, passing small village areas. And afterward, trekkers come across massive barren hills and areas surrounded by rocky landscapes. It is the majestic part of the trek that is incredible and awesome at the same time. And due to its diverse nature of the trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek remains the all-time favorite trekking route of Nepal. 

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley trek is an easy and closet trekking route from the central capital city. The valley is mostly famous for its glacial lakes and offering solitude environment for trekkers. Although it is one of the closed trekking trails from Kathmandu, the valley is crowd-free almost all year round. The trek route is approachable any time of the year except monsoon season. Nevertheless, its Himalayan beauty and stunning landscapes attract a significant number of trekkers all year round. A perfect trail for a week-long journey, Langtang valley is a popular escape for indulging in mountain pleasures. It is a vibrant and naturally engrossed trail where trekkers will get to witness an immaculate mountain backdrop.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Popular for the abundance of biodiversity, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is an awesome trekking journey in Nepal. The trekking course navigates tiny settlements of the diverse ethnic community of Nepal, allowing travelers to experience the varied cultures at once. Most trekking trails of Nepal showcases particularly one of two ethnic groups but not this one. Hence for the rich cultural experience, most trekkers opt for the Annapurna Base Camp trek. Along with wealthy cultural aspects, the trek also exposes you to grand Himalayan scenes. Moreover, the trail is quite popular for being favorable treks for all age groups. All in all, it is a wonderful journey that gradually takes travelers in the vicinity of Annapurna massif, bypassing charming towns and engulfing tropical forests.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a vivid trekking journey on the pristine grounds of the northern part of Nepal. The region is remote and inaccessible easily; therefore, the trekking route has preserved its culture and benevolence intact. The people of this region are unknown to modern society’s norms but exceedingly pleased with whatever they have. The trek features everything that resonates remote and isolated. Moreover, the trek is quite known for its epic scenery and its medieval culture. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a moderate to challenging trek level, so prior preparation with an extreme training routine is mandatory for the trek. Overall, it is an incredible trek that mixes adventure, cultural exploration, and natural beauty in one package.

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek is a beautiful and short trekking route in the Annapurna region. The trek route is new; however, it has garnered quite attention in a short amount of time. The journey requires walking amidst the verdant forest and little interaction with the locals. It is an off-the-beaten-track; hence, the human settlement is sparse. Nevertheless, the journey promises interactions with the beguiling setting of Mother Nature and serene scenes of the mountain. The ends with an up-close view of sights of Annapurna massif along with Dhaulagiri and Machhapuchre peaks. On the whole, it is a magnificent journey amidst the secluded part of the Annapurna region.

Upper Mustang Trek

The dry and arid land of Upper Mustang secures the ancient stories and simply breathtaking beauty. Forbidden to independent travelers, this remote region cannot enter without the help of a trusted agency in Nepal. The region alludes to different cultural backgrounds and unique land terrain. The red cliffs and towering wall-caves astonish the visitors. Similarly, the trans-Himalayas roofing over the vast pasture lands and deep gorges are scenically beguiling. Its remoteness and unique culture fascinate travelers seeking mystical experience. Hence, it is one of the chosen trekking routes of Nepal.

And lastly, whether you want to be one of the limited numbers of trekkers on the Everest trek, are precisely timing your trip to see the captivating wall-caves of Mustang, or are finally planning to experience a blend of culture through Annapurna Circuit trek, here are our 7 best treks in Nepal for your next adventure. If you need further help in choosing your holiday destination, you may connect with our trusted travel specialists. They will certainly help you create a trip of your dream amidst the massive mountains of Nepal.

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