Making it Work with International Romances

Just a few short years ago, something like internet dating was more of a taboo than anything else. Fast-forward to today however and it would probably be hard to find someone who has never created an internet dating profile before.

I reckon though that it’s more of a compatibility thing than having anything to do with practicality, i.e. it’s not so much that you think online dating is more practical than going out and meeting potential love matches in bars, etc, but rather that you have some sort of basic starting point with regards to what you’re looking for if you go it the online route. For example, just by reading the profile of a potential match you can tell that they don’t drink, if that’s what you’re looking for, in the same way that they can get the full-briefing on everything you have shared about yourself.

I don’t want to get too deep into internet dating though, because that’s not what the topic of this post is about. This post is about one of the results of online dating, which is the formulation of a romance which transcends international borders.

Of course international romances don’t only develop as a result of online dating – in fact I think more of them develop while you’re actually out there travelling, such as a very inspiring story of how a then-young couple from China met in Cairo while travelling separately and then went back home to tie the knot and make it official.

Relationships are a lot of hard work as is (if you’re trying to build one with someone local), so you can only imagine how much harder it must be trying to make a romance work across international borders and often across oceans. It definitely won’t be easy, but it can be done.

Keeping in touch

I think rather fortunately I probably don’t have to spell it out explicitly because this sort of happens naturally, how you’d probably keep in touch more often than couples that live together do. It’s the simple things that matter the most, such as how something seemingly small went on to shape how your day turned out.

Making plans to meet

The Tanzanian island of Zanzibar jumps to mind as an example of a meeting point for many lovers across the world who are trying to keep their cross-border flames alive, but basically it can be symbolic as well – symbolic of the fact that you just have to make some time to meet up, somewhere, somehow.

The ultimate end-goal

We can beat about the bush and put things off as much as we like, perhaps enjoying an extended phase of the relationship we’ll never get to enjoy again, but ultimately the end-goal needs to be one which entails one of you making the sacrifice to move-in with the other and start a life together. This means that lots of other plans have to be made, such as perhaps a consultation with Joshua L. Goldstein (specialist immigration law firm), after which time they must be followed up with action.

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