Living a Purposeful Life Starts with a Good Night’s Sleep

There is nothing that can make us feel quite as good as waking up from a really good night sleep. Unfortunately, in the times we are living in, it has become increasingly difficult to get that elusive rest that we need. Scientists and doctors are still baffled by sleep and why exactly it is necessary for us to sleep. What we are well aware of is that when we do not sleep enough, the effects are devastating to our physical and mental health.

Sleep is the body’s way to recharge itself and repair damage. Think of your body as a super busy building, the maintenance team normally works at night during quiet hours so that the workers can perform optimally during work hours. This seems to be what our bodies do during sleep; our cells repair damage and our brain activity decrease to give us the opportunity to prepare for the demands of the next day. Depriving yourself of this essential process leads to disrepair in the cellular structure of your body which in turn causes damage on all other levels.

As we can see from this description, sleep is vital. In this article, we will take a closer look at how we can ensure that we get a good night rest when we need it the most. The average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping! Yet we never really put a lot of thought into how we can get a better nights rest. Sleeping might just be the most important thing you can do since the quality of your sleep, influences everything else you do on a daily basis.

What can you do to improve your sleeping experience?

Avoid substances such as caffeine for four hours prior to bedtime. Caffeine and other stimulants, such as nicotine, promote alertness. This is exactly the opposite of what you want to do when it is time to sleep. This simple fix can improve your sleeping habits immensely. However, this is just one of many things that you can do to improve sleep.

Sleeping in a sleep-inducing environment is also very important. In order to sleep soundly, we need to create a dark, quiet and cool environment. Our bodies are programmed to be awake during daylight and sleep when it is darker outside. Keeping your bedroom dark when you want to sleep is another way in which you can easily improve sleep quality.

Quiet is also very important for great sleep. Noises wake us up and when we are surrounded by quiet, we fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. If you live in a noisy area, it may be worth your while to invest in a good pair of earplugs. Some people also use white noise to promote restful sleep. There are many videos on YouTube that you can use to create white noise and get a better night sleep.

How important is my bed?

The importance of investing in a good bed or more specifically mattress cannot be overstated. Your bed is where you spend a great deal of your life and a worn out mattress can cause issues and problems which could require surgery to fix later on in life. Many people wake up in the middle of their sleep cycle because they toss and turn on an uncomfortable bed.

We tend to buy the cheapest mattress that we can find and this is not the logical thing to do. Luxury mattress don’t all command luxury prices! A Saatva coupon could be used if your savvy enough to use promo codes. If you consider the importance of getting a good night sleep, then it is definitely worth your while to carefully consider how much you can spend on your bed. The options for sleep gear are endless. From bamboo to memory foam, there are mattresses out there to suit every requirement imaginable. Take the time to find out which option works best for you and invest in the best possible mattress that you can afford check out

As well as your mattress, you should take some time to consider which pillow might be best for you. Sleeping on your front, back, sides or a combination of all three will make a difference to which pillow you need because each position can put different stresses on your neck. This is why it’s important to check out some tips to get the best pillow for your sleeping position to ensure a comfortable sleep.

Although the modern age has given us many great advantages, it has also come with a few negatives. Technology has had a huge effect on the quality of sleep that we get at night and we need to actively work on ensuring that we get enough rest. Sleep is one of the most underrated, yet extremely important bodily functions. If you want to live a fuller and happier life, then looking at your sleep quality is a good place to start. Stress also has a big impact on the quality of sleep we get and if we can, we should avoid it as much as possible.