Impact of the Online casino in the UK

Across the globe, millions of players enjoy various slots and other casino games from the comfort of their own homes. Countries tend to have their own preferences when it comes to which gambling sites they use – the Japanese, for example, seem to really like Lucky Niki according to this article, but players in other countries may seek a different experience. Unlike the days of yesteryear, gambling laws are now more relaxed, giving players the freedom to access their favourite online casino whenever they want, wherever they are.

Indeed, online casinos like Slotzo is what’s made this possible. However, as the popularity of the online casino and especially slot games continues to rise, it’s expected they will no doubt take over from the land-based casino. An online casino has many attributes that a bricks and mortar casino doesn’t, including amazing slots varieties, optimal accessibility and versatility.

The online casino industry is an extremely lucrative marketplace, with findings from the authority on gambling showing that remote online gambling made up 5.6 billion of the national market revenue. This figure superseded both the offline bricks and mortar casino and even the National Lottery.

What’s leading the online casino growth in the UK?

Without a doubt, as technology has advanced and made slots and other casino games more accessible than ever before, it’s technology that’s leading this fast pace of growth. Indeed, the advancements in technology helped the online casino world to expand in more ways than one. Graphics improved, and online slots now feature crisp imagery never seen before.

The diversity in software due to advancements in technology has also meant that for the first time in the history of gambling, developers could be more creative with slots. This is demonstrable and most visible with features like the avalanche feature – this kind of gameplay was never available before the days of advanced technology.

Another thing that could be leading the growth of the online casino in the UK is the fact that varieties of online casino have more extras than those that are bricks and mortar. For example, any good online casino will have plenty of bonus spin offers and free slot games. New slots, new casino promotions and great graphics have made it more enticing than ever to play slots. Accessibility and convenience also help a lot, and 2020 slots are optimised for most devices.

Mobile gaming and the online casino

Smart phones and the internet go hand in hand, and as a people, the UK has always been a fan of convenience – anyone else have a milkman? Mobile gaming has contributed to the growth of the online casino so much so that it now contributes to 15 per cent of the overall gambling industry’s revenue. Gamers are eager to Find out what casiqo is like just after launch, for example. New and upcoming online gaming platforms are very popular with gamers as they can play from anywhere. All of the current findings are unprecedented in the world of casino games, which can be accessed at the touch of a button no matter where we are.

In the end, it does all come down to convenience and this is where we will mostly see the impact of the online casino in the UK. If official figures continue to rise at the rate they have been due to online casino games, in theory it could spell out the end for bricks and mortar casinos altogether.

As more of us choose to play casino games through our smartphones and other devices, fewer people will opt to go and play in a land based casino. It’s not as convenient, it doesn’t come with as many, if any casino promotions, and a no deposit casino? Forget it.

These are potential reasons for why 44 percent of gamers are playing casino games online through smartphones and Online casinos. In addition, at any good online casino you can find more than 100 games on offer in nearly any games category, a figure set to grow as innovation continues.

What’s in future for casino games like online slots?

It may seem as if all avenues to be explored in the online casino industry have been explored, but there’s still further innovation to come. For example, with regards to 2020 slots, there’s great speculation that AI and even VR is going to become the norm. Which wouldn’t be shocking, as VR is already popular with some online card games and live dealer casino games.

The future of the online casino industry and online slots looks set to be even more exciting than the present, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. In terms of the effect that the online casino industry will have on the economy, first understand the gambling sector in the UK is divided into different categories.

These categories include online casino gambling, betting shops, Bingo UK, land-based casinos, arcades and the National Lottery. Aside from the previous figures, traditional casinos are taking in 7.4 percent of revenue and Bingo UK is reasonable for 4.7 percent. It’s clear to see the British love of gambling is prevalent here, and with online casino growth it’s only likely to grow further.

New laws

The rise of the online casino in the UK has meant that the UK government had to respond to the question of moral responsibility posed by some gambling charities and authorities. In 2005, the UK government brought in strict regulations for the gambling industry to protect players and ensure online games were fair and unbiased. Whilst it’s still a good idea to check the sportsbook ratings and other game ratings before you play, it is generally much safer to gamble online nowadays than it was before the regulations came in. The impact of the online casino can mostly be felt in the new laws that the UK government had to implement to protect vulnerable individuals.

One of the measures was introducing a charity for those who may have suffered from the negative aspects of gambling too much, and offers free advice and treatment. Recently, the UK government also capped bets from 100 to 2. While such measures may seem restrictive, the laws are flexible and after more time may be changed again for the Online casino UK industry.

In 2014 another big change for the UK gambling industry occurred with the Gambling Bill. There is now a governing body that is responsible for all online casinos in the UK, which is good news as players now have further protection from illegitimate websites. It’s fair to say the industry has felt the full impact of the online casino in the UK, and only time will tell what’s next to come.