How to Correctly Defend Yourself After a Drug Charge

Drug-related offenses are considered one of the worst by the legal system. They have the ability to change your life and your future completely by compromising your public record forever. That’s why when this terrible situation presents itself, you need to have a good defense strategy ready before the worst case scenario takes place.

This criminal charge carries severe penalties and is considered a felony, one that will put you in prison for a long time. Speaking with a Dallas lawyer or a drug crime lawyer in Fort Worth can make a huge difference, as they possess the knowledge necessary to defend you. In some cases, it’s even possible to dismiss your charges, but you wouldn’t know that if you try to deal with something as complex as this by yourself.

There’s no time to hesitate when you’re facing a criminal charge, you need to hire an attorney before it’s too late. So, ask around for a recommendation or look for one on the Internet. Who knows, you might just stumble upon someone from a law firm similar to Salwin Law Group (they are known to offer the services of a reputed criminal defense attorney).

What It Means

A drug-related offense takes place every time you’re involved in the sale, import, local transportation and distribution of illegal substances. Punishment is influenced by all the variables and the circumstances surrounding your case. There are a number of different situations that could apply to you, and they can make a world of difference.

Violation of Rights

Police officers make mistakes, like anyone else in the world. And it’s possible mistakes were made during the entire process that led to this stressful situation. You could have been stopped without reason, or maybe you’ve been the victim of an unlawful search.

If you feel that at any point your rights were violated, remember to speak with your attorney, as this can make the difference between walking free or spending years in jail. Proving that you were treated unfairly can result in a complete dismissal of your charges.

Also, ensure that you hire a professional and experienced attorney with an understanding of how to deal with drug-related crimes. You can look for a Harrisburg criminal defense attorney (or for another location) that can provide you the best possible service along with various methods to get out of the charges or reduce the severity of the sentence.

Unaware of the Presence of Illegal Substances

This situation is actually more common than it sounds. Someone might have left drugs in your car or maybe you’re a truck driver who’s transporting them without even realizing it. Once you get stopped, you’ll have to face criminal charges for something you didn’t even know existed in the first place. This is where a defense attorney will be of great help, as you’ll need his assistance to prove you had no knowledge of what you were transporting. Ignorance of the possession of drugs can be a valid strategy if employed correctly.

Evidence Is Not Sufficient

The police need to prove that you were guilty beyond reasonable doubt, and that you were involved in activities that can be classified as drug-related offenses. Just being suspicious or seeing you near these illegal substances is considered insufficient evidence and results in dropped charges.

During your trial, a court needs to prove that the illegal substances were yours and you had prior knowledge of their existence. Simply being in the proximity of illegal activities or drugs isn’t a proof of possession, and can’t justify an arrest. Remember to always consult with your lawyer before speaking when you’re in this situation, as everything you say can and will be used as additional evidence during trial.

Don’t Lose Control

Remaining calm and being rational is extremely important, as every decision you make after you’re charged can impact your case and your life. You don’t want lawyers to face an uphill battle, you want to make everything easier for them so they can defend you in a manner that will allow you to get back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

Don’t do anything that will make you face additional charges, and don’t forget that law enforcement will be keeping tabs on your movements. Don’t break the law again, and stay away from anything that might link you to criminal activities, so all of this ends up being only a bad memory born out of carelessness and bad choices.