How Budget Travelers Manage to Travel Further for Longer

While there’s definitely still somewhat of a growing market by way of exposure-hungry accommodation establishments who are happy to work with travel bloggers to get more exposure, there seems to be a developing trend which sees many hotel managers not even wanting to entertain the requests of travel bloggers. The moment you say you’re a travel blogger they assume your next request is going to be that of getting a free night or two at their hotel in exchange for a review on your blog and that’s not always the case.

Anyway, for the most part travel bloggers double-up as budget travelers because we simply want to stretch every last dollar set aside for our travels as far as it can go. Budget travelers don’t always want to stay in the luxurious, “premium” establishments and we certainly don’t mind flying economy class over paying about three times as much for a business class ticket!

It’s as much about the journey as it is about the destination with budget travelers and for the most part what the typical budget traveler wants to get out of each trip they take is a unique experience which is ideally associated only with that particular destination they’re visiting. Sure, it’s perhaps only iconic, but what’s a trip to Paris without taking a picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background? What’s a trip to South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, etc without going on Safari and perhaps trying to catch a glimpse of the Big Five? What’s a trip to any beach in town without renting a bike similar to those seen at Pelican Cruiser and roaming all around town?

Would you go to Egypt and be satisfied coming away from Cairo without seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza?

That’s what it’s all about – all the things that can be found OUTDOORS, which is why you’re not likely to see any travel blogger posting a prolonged and detailed review about the cozy hotel room they stayed in. It’s about what the destination has to offer which you can’t get anywhere else and which you certainly can’t get back in your home country or in every other country.

That’s one of the ways through which budget travelers manage to travel further for longer – they spend less on what are otherwise sold as comforts and perhaps luxury, rather choosing to focus on the activities which await them at their destinations.

It’s all about discounts and these discounts go way beyond accommodation though. Something like a Jackpot Fortune Bonus Code would typically form part of a long, long list of little coupons, discounts and special promos budget travelers never pass up on an opportunity to use, which would probably take care of the entertainment while you’re busy waiting for your connecting flight or indeed if you have some time to kill in your hotel room. After all, money saved in any other area of our lives can always be redirected into our travels, so the fine art of couponing, bargain hunting and discount hunting is always in refinement.

If a budget traveler can get it cheaper then that’s exactly what they’ll endeavor to do, no matter what it is, and pretty much everything which is for sale in relation to the travel and tourism industry almost always is available at a much cheaper price than that which is initially displayed or quoted.

Discounts of all sorts get budget travelers traveling further for longer.