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Here’s Why Fitzroy Island is the Ideal Holiday Destination

We all want to make the most of our holidays and travelling adventures. After all, they can cost a bit of money and generally require a lot of time to plan them.

So, when we’re thinking about a planning a holiday, there’s a lot to take into consideration. You want somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to, a place that offers a great range of experiences and activities, and of course, a destination that you can afford to travel to.

Well, we know just the place, and it happens to be located off the coast of Tropical North Queensland – Fitzroy Island.

For those who are not familiar with Fitzroy Island, it’s a tropical island that has been likened to paradise more than once. It sits in the waters of the Coral Sea, and it takes about 45 minutes to get there from Cairns. Fitzroy Island offers its visitors amazing sites to see, incredible experiences, and a totally unique destination.

While that might be all you need to make you want to book your trip to Fitzroy Island adventure right now, keep reading to find out more about why this tropical paradise is the perfect holiday destination.

1.   The location is an all-round winner

Warm weather all year long, beautiful sights to see at every turn and it doesn’t take forever to get to – what more could you want in a holiday destination.

Being in Queensland, the island is blessed with year-round sunny, warm weather, making it the perfect place to escape the harsh winter in other parts of the country.

The island is also 97% covered by a National Park that offers various landscapes, from luscious rainforests to woodlands, boulders to beaches. You will be amazed by the incredible display of nature that surrounds you.

And to get to Fitzroy, all you need to do is jump on a ferry from the Cairns Marina and soak in the exciting 45-minute journey to the island. The journey is quick enough that if you can only do a Fitzroy Island day trip, you will still have plenty of time to adventure. As Cairns is one of Queensland’s major cities, it’s pretty easy to get a flight or drive to as well!

2.   Amazing experiences and adventures await

So, we touched on the location and incredible landscapes above – but we want to talk about them a bit more because these are precisely the reason as to why you will have an incredible experience at Fitzroy Island.

Firstly, there are numerous walking trails where you can explore the various landscapes of the island. You might even see some flora or fauna that you’ve never seen before while you’re on the island. You can take a walking trail to the beach that was crowned australia’s most beautiful one in 2018 or if you want to take on a challenge, you can hike to the summit of the island where you can look out on the amazing ocean that surrounds the island.

This ocean is not only amazingly beautiful in colour and the home of various water sports and activities like swimming, stand up paddle boarding, sea kayaking, but it’s also houses the Great Barrier Reef. So, you can discover the incredible coral gardens and marine life that call this natural wonder home.

The island also offers amazing experiences like watching the sun set over the horizon, glass bottomed boat rides, live music at Foxy’s the local bar, and even a turtle rehabilitation centre, where sick and injured turtles are nursed back to health by the incredible volunteers who run the centre.

No matter what you’re into, there is an amazing and unique experience awaiting you on the island.

3.   It’s totally affordable

The idea of a tropical paradise holiday probably makes you sweat, not just because of the warm weather, but because of the potential cost of a trip like this. But, we’ve got great news for you. Getting to the island by the ferry costs less than $100 per person, and the island offers various accommodation options to suit all sorts of budgets. Whether you’re into camping or living the life of luxury there is something for you, from tents to bungalows, hotel rooms to penthouse suites.

In addition to affordable accommodation and transport, many of the activities on the island are free or low in cost. You can even hire equipment for affordable prices from the island’s sports hub, making it a totally budget -friendly option.

Plan your ideal holiday today

We know that planning holidays can be stressful and expensive, but we hope that some of the info we’ve given you today will help you see just how easy and affordable finding the perfect holiday destination can be!