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Four top tips for your summer holiday in Portugal

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Full of sun-soaked beaches and warm temperatures, Portugal is a must-visit for any traveller. If you’re planning your dream summer holiday to Portugal, there are certain things you should definitely take into account prior to booking, whether you’re heading straight for the beach or are craving a cultural city trip. Here, we share four top tips for your upcoming summer holiday in Portugal.

Visit in the off-season

There is no denying the popularity of Portugal as a tourist destination for those seeking an escape to the sun. In fact, it welcomed over 17 million international arrivals in 2019, which just shows how desirable a holiday here is. However, this can make the idyllic beaches crowded and less enjoyable during the high-summer season.

If you want to beat the crowds, then book your holiday in the off-season if you can. You won’t be missing out and can still make the most of all the beauty Portugal has to offer. Temperatures still reach an average of over 20 degrees celsius in the autumn months, with full days of sun. Spend days soaking up the sun on quieter beaches, and exploring city beauty spots in peace.

Dine like locals

Portugal is famous for its distinct and delicious food and wine, so making the most of the treats that this glorious country has to offer is a must. No matter where you are staying, you will have a vast selection of local restaurants around to sample the best food Portugal has to offer.

Eating and drinking like a local can also be inexpensive, so you can treat yourself to delicious evenings out throughout your holiday. Skip the tourist spots and hunt out authentic restaurants for the best experience – Portugal is famous for its selection of fish, pork and wine. Make sure to try a “pastel de nata” or custard tart, one of the country’s most famous exports.

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Travel smart

If you are wanting to see the sights, you need to be smart about how you travel to get the most out of your time in Portugal. Plan ahead to ensure you don’t waste money or time from your precious summer holiday.

A common way to get around is via train. Trains are also one of the cheaper options if you want to hit multiple destinations in one trip. You could also opt for a coach service, as these are also cost-effective and hit all of the major towns. However, the train is much quicker.

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Where to save money on your trip

A summer holiday can be a memory that lasts a lifetime, but sadly they rarely come cheap. If you’re on a budget, identify all the ways you can avoid spending excess money on your Portuguese adventure before you get there.

Food and mealtimes can be the biggest splurges on holiday, as you get tempted by the delicious treats on offer. When dining out, try to opt for set meals that come with a wine selection, as these tend to be cheaper than buying courses and drinks separately.

You can use this saved money to experience the multiple activities and excursions, Portugal offers. For instance, you can do a cross-border zip-line at Limit Zero, as it is one of its kind in the world. If you prefer water sports more, you can surf the epic waves in Nazaré, do kitesurfing Viana do castelo, or go Scuba diving in Lagos. These are some activities, people experience once but cherish the memories forever.

A good time needn’t cost the earth, however. If you book in advance, you could get to do all these at reasonable prices. Apart from this, there is plenty to do in Portugal that doesn’t cost a penny. For example, take advantage of the many museums that offer free days. Make the most of the great outdoors and natural sights the country possesses – a long walk or hike is the perfect daily activity.