Five Top Sites For Traveling Freelancers

For those that want to travel the world and experience the digital nomad lifestyle the one thing you need to do is establish an income for yourself as you make your way around the globe.

The rise of the freelance economy is phenomenal. The internet and online freelance platforms are enabling an evolution in work, lifestyle and society. Traveling is no longer a gap year of fun for students it is becoming a way of life for highly skilled professionals. Of course there are several ways to make money online from Youtube videos to online tutorials to drop shipping to name but a few sources. Many people however do begin with selling their skills on freelance sites as an initial way to fund a permanent traveling lifestyle. Here is a rundown of some of the best sites to fund your freelancing travel lifestyle.


Toptal is a relatively new player in the world of freelancing but certainly an up and coming force to be reckoned with. It is a freelance network of elite software engineers and digital designers. The screening process is designed to be tough. Only those that succeed in English, personality and algorithmic tests as well as having a sample project approved will be accepted. That is less than 3% of applicants. Any job screening can include not only academic and history checks but health checks too like an Ishihara vision test. However, a big plus for freelancers is that Toptal also heavily screens their clients too. Freelancers on Toptal will only work on interesting projects with top clients and are not going to have to get in to a bidding war. They are also free from having to worry about payment and invoicing as Toptal does all that for them.


Upwork the result of the 2014 merger of Elance and oDesk is by far the giant of freelancing. It boasts more than 10 million registered users, four million clients. Three million jobs are posted every year. Upworks freelancers have a wide ranging skill set. From data entry and virtual assistants to writers, architects, lawyers and designers, they can all be found on the Upwork site.

Clients post jobs for free and can send invitations to freelancers profiles they have viewed and are interested in employing. A basic package on Upwork is free for the freelancer which allows the freelancer to apply for up to 30 jobs a month. Whilst freelancers do pay up to 20% of their wages to Upwork they benefit from payment protection and help with any disputes. Upworkis consistently voted the no.1 site by freelancers.


PeoplePerHour is a freelance site catering for all skills related to web projects. Software engineers, digital designers, SEO specialists and marketers can all be found on this established platform. Similar to Upwork it provides very similar benefits for the freelancer. Work projects tend to be smaller on PeoplePerHour which many prefer as the title suggests these are often freelancers that just want hourly work. A downside to PeoplePerHour compared to Upwork is that you will only be able to send 15 proposals for free before signing up to a plan that charges the freelancer.


SimplyHired doesn’t focus solely on freelancers. It is essentially a job board but there are thousands of jobs on the site that are aiming to hire freelance workers. From construction to concierge work, the site boasts a plethora of opportunities for anyone seeking extra work. It helps freelancers find jobs in over 24 countries. The down side to Simply Hired for the freelancer is that you are on your own as far as payment and invoicing is concerned. If your client is thousands of miles away and doesn’t want to pay you for your work you will have little chance for recourse.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs as the name suggests is a job platform for writers. The offerings vary from technical writing to recipes and blogs. It is a great way for writers to try their hand at different types of professional writing. This job platform has quite a few benefits for the freelance writer. The site will not include job postings for unpaid work or work that pays under $10. The site also refuses to advertise positions for “term paper mills” or that compensate writers in ways other than with currency. In addition to there being no membership fees for freelancers there is a small fee for companies to post jobs. This has the effect of only companies that are serious about hiring using the site.