Exploring Unique Christmas Traditions with Simply Education

Since we started travelling like we had no real ties to one particular place, we’ve made it a bit of a mission to come away from every trip with a unique experience of the specific destination. Thanks in part to some teaching jobs which have allowed us the pleasure of making friends from all over the world, every single travel experience is as authentic as getaways can get. We have a nice mix of travel buddies to get together with from all corners of the globe and so we’ve racked up a good diversity in experiences of the same holidays for example, such as how different people from across the globe celebrate Christmas. I mean who would have thought that KFC would be a common Christmas-time tradition in any country, let alone Japan of all places? There are indeed some very interesting Christmas traditions we’d certainly like to experience more of in person, some of which would probably surprise those of you who are used to roast dinners and everything to go with them. Check out the infographic of some of these traditions as practiced across the globe: