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Ever Fancied Indulging In Wine Tourism?

Are you thinking of where to travel to next? You have probably been all over the world, and you are wondering what exciting thing is left for you to do. Have you ever heard of wine tourism? You have probably heard of or done a little bit wine tasting (and drinking), but you’ve never known it is slowly becoming a form of tourism.

What exactly is Wine Tourism?

Wine tourism involves traveling to different countries in a bid to taste wine straight from the source. After all, going out with your friends and drinking lots of wine is a lot of fun! However, traveling to where the wine is made, seeing the ingredients, and learning the whole making process is incredible. It is about ten times the fun. You get to learn about the culture of the winemakers and how the creation of that wine came to be. By the end of your trip, you will be able to brag to your friends about how much you know about each and every wine. You’ll be stocking up your shelves with different wines from the McBride Sisters Wine Collection to imported French wine, there is no limit to what you’ll impress your friends with.

If you are looking for a tour that can get you excited about travel once again head over to holidays hub, pack your bags and head over to the three countries that are pioneering the wine culture; Spain, India, and Argentina.


Spain is home to some of the most expensive and exotic wines in the world. In the US and the UK, it is a touch of class to have the finest bottle of Spanish wine at your dinner table or wine cellar in the basement. It has even become a sport for the elite in the society to collect vintage wine bottles that have very rich histories. Wine tourism will take you to where those wines were made and help you learn exactly how it was done. You will then get a chance to taste them in their purest form. For you to get the best experience, make sure you are accompanied by a local who knows their way around. There are small companies that are coming up and giving people the ultimate wine tour experience.


Argentina is following slowly in Spain’s footsteps. Over the years, the quality of their wine has improved significantly, and they are starting to get their well-deserved recognition across the region. Local wineries and vineyards are now turning into restaurants and resorts for tourist to stay and have a wonderful wine tasting experience. It is becoming part and parcel of their culture, and they are slowly building a name for themselves. It won’t be long before it becomes one of their main tourist attractions.


For quite a while now, India has been showing very great potential. Vineyards from all across the country are already gaining traction and getting recognized for their handy work. Areas such as Nasik, Bangalore, Narayangaon, and Dindori are currently the go-to wine areas. Narayangaon even hosts an annual wine festival which is usually frequented by thousands of wine lovers.

It is now a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on. Make sure you are among the first so that you can introduce all your friends and the family. You can be the pioneer in your area.