Digital Nomad Earnings Case Study – the online betting niche

This week we’re zoning in on a specific case study of how some Digital Nomads who have isolated the online betting niche make money, particularly with regards to exactly what it takes to actually make money with a specific niche. The suggestion is that you won’t realize any success by just buying some e-book or training course which promises you all sorts of miracles once you’ve completed the purchase.

Rather, you will have to find ways to set yourself apart so that you can monetize your unique factor carved out, and/or you’ll have to find ways to turn visitors into buyers of some or other product or service you offer or users who simply interact with your blog/site in a manner which generates you an income per interaction. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

The focus is on the online betting niche, as suggested by the title and it takes a couple of consideration pointers in order to make some decent money as a professional or semi-pro online gambler. To assist with this, people may turn to online trading to build up their revenue, using the Yuan Pay Group App and ones similar, so they get the backing that they need.

The core activity – online betting

I specifically refer to it as online betting, instead of online gambling because there’s less guesswork and more of a strategy put into the exploits of a pro gambling Digital Nomad. You have to master the core activity of playing with some money to amass incremental, overall gains as this is the main means through which you’d be looking to monetize this particular niche. These niches could include Online sports betting or another field of interest that you could bet on.

Online pro gambling Digital Nomads of this kind normally play a lot of different types of online casino games, each of which has its own strategies developed and refined.

Utilizing the experience you gain

It’s important to document your exploits if you’re to monetize the online gambling niche beyond the core operation of placing bets. We all know that you’re not always going to win and sometimes you might run into some serious dry spells, in which case you can use your experience gained to perhaps create info products or membership areas exploring, discussing, and sharing your betting strategies.

Earning commissions through referrals

Many online betting platforms reward existing players for referring new members to the site, and all you’d have to do is generate your unique referral link and market it to prospective online gamblers who might be seeking to explore new platforms such as the one you place your bets on. Some of the betting sites similar to may also offer signup bonuses for risk-free betting for newcomers as well as added discounts.

Making use of discount promo codes

Every new online betting platform you join probably has some kind of signup bonus in place to welcome you to their site, such as the BetSid bonus which rewards you with up to triple the amount of money you bet with. The use of such bonuses makes for an indirect manner through which to “make money” with your online gambling exploits because you’re really just spending considerably less than what you’d otherwise be spending were it not for the discounts and bonuses, so in a way it ensures your money goes further.

More credit to play with means you enjoy more chances to win of course!