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Deal watch: cabin baggage

Flights are no longer the great expense they used to be, thanks to the rise of no-frills carriers such as Ryanair and Easyjet, but there are hidden costs. To place a bag in the hold can cost up to £45 one-way on Easyjet, and £60 one-way on Ryanair.

If you need to take a hold bag, paying online at the time of booking offers the best value. Flybe charges £19 for a 20kg bag if booked online, compared with £40 if bought at the airport on the day of travel.

If you do decide to ditch the hold luggage, cabin bags are subject to strict dimensions. While most bags are sold with these dimensions in mind, passengers can be charged up to £50 at the gate for an oversized cabin bag. In response, a variety of products are available to help you to avoid these fees.

One of these is an oversized jacket, with multiple pockets, to allow you to carry more on board. For example, the Rufus Roo at £29.95 has deep side pockets that can hold up to 10kg of belongings. If used as an alternative to a hold bag, the Roo could pay for itself in one flight.

Alternatively, the more expensive Bagket at £69.99 doubles as a bag and a jacket, so it’s easy to carry through the airport and simple to wear during boarding.

More fashionable options are the Stuffa One and the AyeGear Hoodie. Both are designed to look like everyday clothing. The Stuffa One is a body warmer with 12 internal pockets that can hold up to 5kg of clothing, and the AyeGear Hoodie has 13 pockets stuffed into a slim profile. These options may not carry as much as the Rufus Roo or the Bagket, but will save blushes at the check-in desk.

If wearing luggage doesn’t appeal, then there are other ways to increase the capacity of a cabin bag, while staying within the limits. Vacuum compression bags no longer need a pump or vacuum, the air can be rolled out via a one-way valve. You can buy a pack of three travel roll space-saver bags by Packmate for £8.99 on Amazon.