Citizenship by Investment Programs from around the World

The best casino bonus you’re taking full advantage of might have you thinking about moving somewhere in the world where you can effectively “buy” citizenship. Citizenship by Investment programs in the Caribbean and Middle East are quite popular with wealthy individuals, who would like to invest their money in productive sectors. These programs also provide investment visas for people from over 120 countries, which enable them to live and work in the islands of their investments.

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has been a popular choice for CBIP investors and in 2010 was ranked 1st worldwide by the World Bank for value of the investment. Under the CIP program, investors can purchase Caymanian citizenship with a minimum investment of US$500,000 and subsequently renounce their existing national citizenship.

Investors must have $5 million to invest and 2% of their investment in qualified real estate (not land) to qualify for citizenship. Most applicants are wealthy business people or their families. For the remaining funds, the CIP offers other investment programs including international stock exchange corporations, property ownership, renewable energy and financial services.

Citizenship under the CIP is for a minimum of ten years and they can then renounce for a minimum of five years. In return, the investor must invest another US$1 million to invest in the local economy to create new jobs for Caymanians.

The Government of Dubai

The Dubai International Property Show and Global Investor Conference of the Government of Dubai attracted investors from around the world. For a minimum investment of $2 million in one of their five residency programs, investors receive a residency visa for their permanent residence, renewable for a further five years in the same residency program and up to ten years in all other programs.

The Government of Dubai will then grant a certificate of residence that is valid for ten years. The certificate provides full employment rights in Dubai, free healthcare insurance, education and a maximum income tax rate of 30%.

Citizenship by Investment Programs in Canada

There are five CIP programs for individuals in Canada.

Pension Exemptions and Investment Premiums

Citizenship by Investment from the Government of Canada is currently under review and their Pension Exemptions and Investment Premiums are presently under review.

For a minimum of US$10 million, a Canadian citizen can acquire permanent residency by making an investment in a qualifying real estate property of $400,000. If the property is situated in Canada, the investor will also receive a yearly premium of $50,000.

Citizenship by Investment Programs in Malta

Malta offers three investment programs under the CIP to promote the development of Malta’s tourism and real estate sectors. In return, the Maltese Government offers investors a guaranteed minimum return of 10% of the property investment, although the return will fluctuate and is capped at a maximum of 30%. The returns will vary with the market and over the life of the investor’s residency.

Malta’s programmes offer citizenship for investments in real estate, agriculture, agribusiness and innovation and they also provide investment funds for entrepreneurs, offering a guaranteed minimum return on investments up to 15%.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment

All the countries offer different degrees of citizenship to attract wealthy investors, who can also qualify for investment visa programs for non-citizens to come and settle in their nation.

Additionally, in some countries, investors can receive a preferential tax rate, health care coverage and subsidies and reduce their taxation. In countries with high real estate prices, the investment could potentially save the investor thousands of dollars in taxes, which would increase their net income.