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6 reasons why you just must visit Malta during your next holiday

The Mediterranean region is full of history and beautiful surprises. The amazing climate and local people make it probably the world’s top destination for holidays. Malta is one of the most historically unique and naturally beautiful locations in the Mediterranean Sea and in this article, we’ll give you 6 whole reasons to see why it should be your destination for the next vacation!

1. Rich history

Even though it’s tiny, compared to the likes of Sicily and Corsica, Malta’s history is just as rich. With the origins and roots of the Knight’s Order of St.John’s, as well as major battles during the 17th century and World War 2, Malta offers no shortage of ancient natural wonders, medieval architecture and cute local towns that haven’t changed a lot since their first days.

2. Climate

The Mediterranean offers a temperate winter with extremely pleasant springs and falls, and hot summers. Whether you’re in to dining on the seaside or just want to relax on the beach, Malta should definitely be added to your bucket list. It’s rare to find not super-expensive locations with such an amazing climate all-year-round.

3. Prices

When you think about resorts and places to visit around the Mediterranean, the first places that come to mind are Monaco, the French Riviera, Corsica, Santorini. Even though they are amazing and unique in many ways, the cost of visiting can get really high. Food, services and other things cost much more than in most of the world.

Malta’s different in this regard, as price levels are very moderate, especially when compared to the aforementioned resorts. It’s beautiful and affordable!

4. Diving experience

If you like diving or snorkeling – don’t miss Malta! Both newbies and experts in the field strongly recommend going for at least a small diving trip if you come here. As a true marvel for people who like exploring the depths of the sea, you have close to 20 meters of visibility which is exceptional and just right for nice experiences.

5. The local cuisine

There’s no point in travelling to places where the food is meh, right? Well, lucky for you – Malta has a lot to offer in terms of delicious appetizers, meals, desserts and drinks. A blend of Italian, Northern African, Middle Eastern gastronomy is something truly unique that you have to try. Seafood and bakery products are the main things that tourists usually appreciate.

6. Simple exploration

Coming to large areas for holidays can be overwhelming. With so little time to get to know everything, you have to either compromise or abandon some goals. With Malta – you can see all of it, and enjoy all creaks and crevices that the island has to offer. It’s only 317 square kilometres of land area! Easy way to get around Malta is the carpooling service –