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5 Ways Ginger Can Benefit Your Health

As one of the most delightful spices used in cooking, ginger has been used for centuries as a medicinal treatment for a large number of ailments and also as a preventative. One thing you will notice about this particularly awesome rhizome is the fact that it is a central ingredient in cooking throughout all of Asia. In fact, although the process can be a bit tricky at first, you can even grow ginger at home in a pot by following just a few steps.

If you find the following health benefits of ginger helpful, simply buy a bit of organic ginger to use in cooking but keep a piece out to grow at home. In the meantime, here are some of those ways in which ginger has been used over the years as a natural remedy for a huge number of complaints.

1. Time Honored Anti-Nausea Remedy

Ginger is often used throughout Asia and elsewhere around the world as a natural remedy for nausea. Not only can ginger help to alleviate nausea associated with motion-sickness but it can be safely used for morning sickness during pregnancy and to alleviate nausea associated with chemotherapy.

2. Relief from Muscle Aches and Pains

The ‘active’ substance in ginger is gingerol and is known to be a potent pain relief remedy, especially for muscle aches and pains. When used in conjunction with cardamon and turmeric, the pain-relieving properties are intensified. Looking for a great way to add the Big 3 (ginger, cardamom, and turmeric) to your diet? That’s simple. Simply blend your own curry powder and you’ll have instant relief!

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties to Help Relieve Pain of Osteoarthritis

According to a controlled study with 247 participants, those who used ginger experienced less pain associated with osteoarthritis than the controlled group with a placebo. Going a step further, ginger can bring relief to any inflammatory condition if used properly and it can be applied topically as well as ingested. The same can be said for cannabis products (try this) that can help with inflammation and pain, either applied to the skin or smoked/swallowed.

4. Factors to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Another study was conducted with 45 participants to test the effectiveness of ginger as a cholesterol-lowering substance. At the end of the study, it was determined that just 3 grams of ginger powder per day caused a significant lowering of the markers associated with LDL (the bad stuff) cholesterol.

5. Relief for IBS and Chronic Indigestion

Chronic indigestion and heartburn are often diagnosed due to abnormal amounts of pain in the upper regions of the abdomen after eating. These will most commonly be treated with an antacid tablet, similar to those that can be found at However, IBS causes excruciating pain throughout the intestines but is most often found in the lower regions of the stomach. What is interesting about how ginger works to bring relief is the belief that ginger helps the stomach to pass foods through quicker which then results in less pain or pain for shorter durations in sufferers of chronic indigestion.

Many of these medicinal properties of ginger have been well substantiated by studies from reputable organizations and universities while others have simply withstood the test of time. In either case, no home should be without a ready supply of ginger because it is infinitely safer than chemical pharmaceuticals and there is no evidence to support the fact that you won’t find relief.