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Why We Love Parades: Our Reasons Might Surprise You

We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy something about parades. The anticipation, the entertainment, the feeling of joy that brings us straight to childhood — parades lead to all these emotions and more. Here are four reasons why we love parades.

Parades Have the Universal Language of Music

If music is the universal language, then parades are the universal form of writing this language in our lives! We enjoy watching bands march to the beat of drums and other instruments in harmony. When singers are featured in parades, these events feel like a concert. Whether through a marching band or singer, the music moves. It reminds us to enjoy the moment, for we know that each musical moment won’t last long.

Parades Are Filled with People

Okay — we know what you’re probably thinking: people make parades feel crowded! While that’s typically true, what is a parade without people? Whether in the audience, in the parade, or both, people are often the heart of a parade. People march in parades to promote a cause. They march to celebrate holidays and events. They fill the sidelines as a lively audience. We love being a part of something bigger than ourselves when we go to parades.

Parades Have Some of the Best Floats

The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has been around since 1924, and today it is well know for its floats. Millions of people tune in to watch this parade with its floats in mind. Watching the parade on TV is wonderful, but being at the parade is even better. Seeing those larger-than-life floats will wake just about anyone up and make ‘em feel alive!

Parades Develop Patience

This is definitely not a popular reason for loving parades. We often wait hours for parades to begin. When it’s cold, we watch our feet practically turn into icicles before the first note of music ever plays. And then, when the parade finally does begin, we have to be patient as people’s heads shift positions and partially block our view.

Patience. This virtue develops within us when we go to parades. It can be tough, but the key is — again — to focus on the moment. You could have stayed home in your pj’s, but instead you’re at a parade, surrounded by music and talent and fun. Focus on the many positives of parades, and patience will come as a bonus.