Why Time Outdoors Matters on Vacation

Picture this: vast sea-green water with soft ripples shimmering under sunlight. Sea lions jumping in and out of the water. And sailboats making their way across the water. You can see all this and more. When the sea calls, you go…

Unless you decide not to leave your hotel room.

That would be sad for someone who is able to leave the room. And thankfully, most people would not spend their entire vacation in a room. We understand that time outdoors really does make a difference. A breath of air can refresh the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Here are three ways to benefit from the three-point refresh effect of the great outdoors.

Go for a Walk or Run

One of the best ways to take in new surroundings is to walk or run along a path. We think of this as a personal tour on-foot. Yes, it may not be as fast as a bus tour, but that’s actually a plus. Moving more slowly will help you to observe more of what is novel. Your brain will thank you for the new information! In addition, running or walking builds leg muscle quickly, and spiritual muscle too. Oftentimes we simply need to get out and move to lift our spirits. Vacation is the perfect time to do this, so find a safe trail with some landmarks or a great view and get moving!

Dance Around a Campfire

The Native Americans are well-known for campfire dances, and many people still enjoy this activity today. The idea of coming alive like flames in a fire is appealing to many. The flicker of the flames, its warmth – both of these characteristics are uplifting. The body will get a great workout from moving around the fire too. Mentally, campfire has a soothing effect, particularly when it’s cold outside.

Row a Boat

Not only is rowing great exercise, but it’s also an incredible way to send the spirit soaring with happiness. When you move through the waters, the brain is also benefitting from the endorphins released by physical activity. Couple this with a vacation destination like Virgin Islands and you have much to be thankful for in those moments!

As you’re rowing through life waters, always remember to keep moving forward. The outdoors ultimately reminds us to be in touch with ourselves and all that is around us – both are beautiful.