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Why Not Ditch the Technology and Take a Travel Journal on Your Trip Instead?

With so many of us dependant on all means of technological devices nowadays, technology can be a huge distraction when traveling.

Though we may think that we’re experiencing a country at its best by taking many photos and capturing lots of film footage on our phones, more than often what we’re doing is merely witnessing new culture and countries through a tiny screen!

If you want to capture the raw essence of your destination but still want to remain present throughout your trip, why not ditch the phone and record your duration with a travel journal instead?

When to Start Your Travel Journal

There’s no need to wait until you’re on your travels to get started with your travel journal. It can be a great tool to get you geared up and excited about your impending journey!

Beginning by sharing your plans with the journal and writing down some information about the place you’ll be traveling to. You could place a map of the area and plot where you’ll be visiting during your travels, and you could also note those places you want to get around to seeing while you’re there.

What to Use Your Travel Journal For

The great thing about a travel journal is that there are no rules here! Therefore, you can write, draw, color, stick pictures in, add photos and even add mementos such as tickets, receipts, and menus if you want to. The idea here is to place anything at all that will remind you of your time spent traveling and anything that instantly recalls as a great memory of the fun you had while you were away.

How to Extend Your Travel Journal When You Return

Even better is that when you return home with your travel journal, you can continue to add to it for those first few days. Try recording how you felt at the end of your time, how the journey home was, and how you feel like as a person now that you’ve made that journey, both physically and mentally if you prefer.

Ultimately, you will be left with a fantastic keepsake and jam-packed reminder of a time when you had a wonderful experience, and it will always be something you can look back on with fond memories in years come.

Not only that, each time you refer to it or see it sitting pride of place in your home. You may get that travel bug back and feel the incentive to do it all over again!