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Why Cruises Are a Traveller’s Dream Transport Mode

Cruises and private charters have been getting more and more popular in recent years. From 20 week cruises that take you around the world to the private charters around the Galapagos Islands on small yachts or catamarans that Voyagers.Travel offer, there are plenty of options out there for any type of traveler. Let’s face it – when one tends to think about going on a cruise, a picture of elderly, retired couples and solo travellers comes to mind, doesn’t it? To be fair though, more and more younger travellers are becoming wise to the benefits of cruising as a preferred transportation mode, whether they’re travelling solo, are going away on a couple’s retreat or even if they have their entire family in tow. Alternatively instead of a cruise, you could opt for boat charter in croatia.

Once you actually think about it, it only makes perfect sense as there are some unmatched benefits on offer for those travellers who choose cruising as their inevitably preferred mode of traversing the world.

The easiest way to get around the world

Ask any seasoned traveller who might perhaps have been given a hard time getting granted a visa to enter into those countries for which they do indeed need a visa. They’ll tell you a story of how, for some unknown reason, they seem to be granted entry much easier when coming in via cruise ship. Okay, so we could probably point to some very specific reasons for this, such as the fact that you’d generally be exploring the immediate coastal region on which the ship would be docked, however, that still doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from that!

Cruising is indeed the easiest way to get around the world, all things considered. Sure, it’s a lot slower than the alternative of flying (if you’re crossing seas), but then again what’s the rush?

The cheapest mode of travel for the value you get

For the value you get, cruising is by far the cheapest way to get around, covering a very large area of this beautiful world of ours. In comparison to flying (again, since that’s the logical alternative), sure, the costs might appear to be the same. You look at the cost of a flight ticket from the same departure point to the same destination as the cost of a cruise and generally there aren’t too many differences, but what do you get with your cruise ship cabin booking?

You get to travel over multiple days, at a leisurely pace, going to sleep in one time-zone and waking up in a different one without worrying about having to immediately fall into the next aspect of your travels, like clearing immigration and the likes. You can relax at sea!

Taking ALL your amenities with you

Some of the best holidays on P and O Cruises, as an example of an increasingly popular cruise ship company, start long before you dock! That’s kind of the whole point of cruising, actually. The holiday fun can be said to figuratively have the ability to fit into your luggage, in that you effectively take all the amenities available to you, with you!

Fancy a session in the gym? Want to have a drink at the bar or perhaps enjoy an assortment of fun usually associated with something like a hotel or resort? That’s pretty much what cruising offers, and usually a whole lot more!

It’s no wonder then that cruises are indeed a traveller’s dream transport mode.