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Why a Backpack Is the Perfect Traveling Companion

As a seasoned traveler, one question we’re always asked is how do we manage with just a backpack throughout most of our journeys? In fact, over our many years of traveling, we’ve tested and trialed every single type of bag imaginable! Yes, even Custom Photo Bags that have been created and presented to us as gifts have been tried, and most people have had decent experiences with these, but that might be because their own faces and those of their loved ones are on them. However, from every kind of traveler bag, luggage bag to all manner of suitcase styles, the one thing we both agree on time and time again is how nothing rivals the practicality and suitably of traveling with a rucksack.

Though it may surprise many to learn that we can get away with just the one backpack during our travels, here are five simple reasons as to precisely why the backpack is our most perfect companion when traveling the world.

A Backpack Doesn’t Take up Much Space

This makes them ideal whenever you jump onto a corded bus, train or tram and can’t maneuver very well! It also saves you from lugging any additional baggage on with you and having to find somewhere safe to store them throughout your traveling.

A Backpack Is Thoroughly Comfortable

If you get the right type and spend a little bit more on its outlay, a backpack is the most comfortable of items to wear especially when padded and well-constructed in its overall design. They are also much better at molding to your body shape and encouraging you to distribute the weight over the strongest part of your body.

A Backpack Can Handle All Weather Types

As the weather is liable to change drastically as you travel, a quality backpack can cope with this continually. When it rains, they have an outer protective shell and keep your items dry inside, with some even offering an additional plastic covering. In the searing heat, they also enable your bag and indeed back to breathe, keeping it fresh throughout.

A Backpack Leaves Your Hands Free

You may often forget that you’re wearing your backpack, such as your ability to eat, drink, read and deal with your money as your hands are always free. It’s also easier to access to get to your items, especially money when you need it.

A Backpack Doesn’t Require Wheels

Finally, a backpack doesn’t require you to roll it around those rougher and more challenging of terrains, including the beach and sea here! It also doesn’t need you to drag it up the many stairs and steps you may have to climb when finding your accommodation or entering buildings and monuments throughout your trip!