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Which Greek Island is Right for You?

The Greek islands are a dream destination for many around the world. If you find yourself dreaming of the perfect holiday in the sun then you definitely need to consider heading to one of the gorgeous islands for some time to unwind. How do you decide which island is right for you? Here is a quick guide to some of our favourites!


The biggest island of Greece is perfect for history lovers. There is history to be found all over the islands, not to mention in mainland Greece, but Crete has a few historic sites which no classist will be able to resist. The famous myth of Theseus and the Minotaur’s Labyrinth took place on Crete and you can visit the ruins of the city of Knossos here.

You can choose between the cities of Chania or Heraklion or you can head to one of the many towns and villages scattered across the island. For a varied holiday with a little bit of everything, you cannot go wrong with a holiday in Crete.


One of the most popular islands by far is Mykonos. The white buildings of this gorgeous island have been featured in many a photograph. Mykonos is known for its nightlife in the summer. With celebrities and the rich jetting in for the nightclubs and restaurants, the main town is packed with things to do.

If you would prefer a quieter holiday, there are these Mykonos-based villas which might provide the perfect escape for you on the island. Mykonos villas can be as traditional or as modern as you might prefer. No matter where you want to go, you can rest assured that there will be some nook for you to hide in. Mykonos is the perfect island for anyone who wants to relax and party in equal measure.


This island has had a major boost in tourism in the past few years. Thanks to the rise of image-sharing apps like Instagram, more and more people are heading to Santorini to take advantage of its beautiful white walls and blue roofs which match the seas perfectly.

There are villas and apartments all over the main town of Oia but things can get very cramped in the summer. Even in a private villa, you might find people walking past your garden or terrace constantly. If you need a little more privacy with your holiday, you should head to a villa or hotel away from the main settlements. Santorini is beautiful but you have to bear in mind how busy and popular it can be.


Another popular island for holidaymakers will always be Corfu. It’s proximity to mainland Greece makes it the perfect destination for anyone on a driving tour of Greece. With the old town forming a UNESCO World Heritage site and ancient and medieval sites of interests everywhere, this is a great island for anyone who wants to see a Greek island that has seen many important events over the years.

Whether you are staying in the resorts and villas on the northern coast of the island or you are staying in the heart of the old town, you have plenty of options. A holiday in Corfu is always likely to be a happy one.


If you want to sit on a beach and devour book after book in the sun, you need to head to Skiathos. It is the smallest of the Sporades islands and is utterly beautiful. The beaches here are often counted as some of the finest in Greece. Whether you are heading to one of the popular southern destinations or you are climbing the paths to the rugged beauties in the north, you can’t help but fall in love here.

Skiathos is also great for its selection of tavernas and places to eat. Accommodation might not be as well-developed as on some of the more popular islands but that does not mean you can’t find a great place to stay.


Symi is pretty unique amongst the islands. It is a stone’s throw away from Turkey and the towns are filled with charming neoclassical Italian architecture. These houses are completely gorgeous and you will want to spend hours exploring the streets of these charming towns.

The other reason to visit Symi is for its delicious seafood. In addition to the usual Greek dishes, you can also find Symi’s shrimps; a unique and flavourful dish where you consume the whole shrimp including the shells.

These are but a fraction of the islands you could visit. Each one is different and comes with its own amazing people and identity. If you are searching for a holiday which combines adventure, relaxation, and history in equal measure, you need to head for a Greek island as soon as possible. Start planning your next holiday now.