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Visiting Constanța, Romania

Constanța is located in Romania and it is one of the most popular destinations located on the shores of the Black Sea. Besides being a major tourist attraction due to its location, the city is also home to many historical landmarks to be experienced. The history of Constanta can be traced way back to ancient times, during the time of the ancient greeks. When it was first founded by the Greeks around the 6th century BC, the town was called Tomis. It was later conquered by the Romans in 71 BC, during the reign of Emperor Constantine and was renamed from Tomis to Constantiana and later renamed to what we know today as Constanța.

Today, the city remains one of the oldest cities in Romania and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and the fourth-largest port in Europe, after Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Marseille. Many important landmarks can be witnessed throughout the city. The variety of architectural styles is what makes this city some interesting as they were influenced by the different demographics that have and are still cohabitating in this region, such as Romanians, Turks, and Greeks.

Ovid Square

Probably one of the most important landmarks of the city, Ovid Square is where many historical buildings of different styles can be admired, including the famous Museum of Natural History and Archeology and of course, the statue of Ovid. Ovid was a Roman poet that was banned from Rome to Tomis by Emperor Augustus. The reason for his banishment remains unclear, however, this event greatly influenced his poetry in the following years. During that time, Constanta, known then as Tomis was located on the edge of the Roman Empire and was under the rule of the Kingdom of Thrace (a state on which the Roman Empire had a great influence, also known as a satellite state). The statue itself was designed by the sculptor Ettore Ferrari as a tribute to the writer and a replica of the statue can be found in Italy, in the town of Sulmona.

Constanta Casino

A well-known location in the world of gambling is the Constanta Casino. The structure is unique in its style, becoming one of Romania’s most important historical monuments. The location of the casino also contributes to its popularity, is located on the boardwalk on the shores of the Black Sea on 2 Elisabeth Boulevard. The building has been abandoned for many years and plans to restore the once iconic landmark of the city is underway. Restoration of the building began earlier this month on the 15th and expected to be completed by 2022. On May 1st, the area near the casino will also have a Ferris wheel set up to allow people to witness the restoration process as well as a nice view of the port.

Until the start of the Second World War, the casino was a favorite spot for gamblers from all around Europe and was among the most popular casinos in Europe during that time. While today, there are many other places to gamble, as well as online, no other casino compares this one and because restoration is underway, it will probably become as popular as it was in the past.

Genoese Lighthouse

Near the Casino is another historical landmark known as the Genoese Lighthouse which was rebuilt in 1860. The monument itself can go unnoticed, however, its historical significance is very important. The lighthouse is located behind a group of statues where the bust of the most famous Romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu, is located. The former lighthouse dates back to medieval times, around the year 1300 and it was rebuilt between 1858-1860.


Mamaia is among the most famous resorts on the coast of the Black Sea and tends to get very busy during the summer. The resort is located north-east of Constanța’s city center with very few residents and the area being most populated by tourists. Here, many restaurants can be found where people can try out some traditional Romanian food. A major attraction of the resort is the gondola. A ride on the gondola takes approximately 10 minutes from which people can view the entire resort. It travels a distance of 2 kilometers located between the Perla Hotel and the Casino.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many interesting places that the city has to offer. Besides the many historical monuments present in the city, many people go to Mamaia. The resorts are incredibly active during the Summer and many beach parties are organized every year, where many people including celebrities come to the party. Mamaia is known for its nightlife and many people compare it to other famous places such as Ibiza and Miami, making it the most attractive tourist destination in Constanța.