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Top Website Design Tricks Dentists Should Use

In today’s digital world, patients rarely call a dentist’s office to know the services they offer, learn more about their reputation, or book an appointment. This is because most people use the internet to get all the information they need about a dentist before choosing to see them.

The information on your dental practice’s online presence is crucial. This also includes the experience your target audience will have when they interact with your website. It is vital to work with a good website designer who will use the best SEO tactics to boost your website’s search engine ranking.

Here are some of the effective tips and tricks SEO specialists use in website design for dental offices

Optimize the Website

The dental digital marketing world is very saturated. With so many dentists offering the same services, you want your practice to stand out from the rest. Making your website SEO-friendly is one way of doing just that.

An optimized website will rank higher on SERPs because it will have the right content your target is looking for and will use the exact keywords they use. Other SEO strategies such as link building, a friendly user experience design, and alt text for images will help scale your website.

Consider linking your website to online reviews and your social media sites to allow patients to have a clear picture of the dental services you offer and post their reviews easily.

Make a Good First Impression

Your target audience or website visitors only need 0.5 seconds to determine whether they will stay on your website or not. Your website is like your business’ calling card on the internet; it is what your potential clients will use to judge you and the services you offer. 

If you want to grow your practice and boost your online presence, you should have an impressive website design that is also easy to navigate. Your site should also be updated regularly, have fresh content, be interactive, support a blog, and include no broken links. 

To do this, you will need to hire a professional SEO website designer’s services because a DIY approach may not offer you the latest services in dental website design. 

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website Design

According to the Pew Research Center, over 80% of Americans own a smartphone. They use their phones to access social media or look up any other information on the internet. This includes shopping, reading reviews, and learning more about a company before they use their services.

Mobile traffic makes up more than 50% of internet traffic. This is expected to continue growing. If you want to reach your target, your website should also be very mobile-friendly. Search engines also rank websites with an excellent mobile-friendly design higher. 

Use Professional Services to Have a Good Website Design

A website is one of the most prized marketing tools every dental practice should have. Your website will also be the foundation of other digital marketing strategies. However, it can be difficult to successfully build, optimize and maintain your website alone. You should hire professional website designers from the likes of Connective or similar web design agencies who understand what it takes to have a good website design to create, design, and manage your site.

Use Patient Engagement Tools

Your website should allow patients to interact with your office wherever they are. Having features like patient portals makes it easy for existing patients to access their records, book their next appointment, and make payments online.

The site should also be well organized, have a call to action, support live chat, and other features that promote patient engagement.