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Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Rome

Rome is not all about ancient civilizations, culture, art, dance and music. You can have a fun and entertaining time here, especially if you are with friends. The city is a beautiful blend of the old and new which means that you will get to visit some amazing spaces of ancient times alongside some of the most modern, hipster friendly nooks and corner. Here is our list of the top 5 fun things to do in Rome.


If you have seen the movie Gladiator, you know what we are talking about. The giant amphitheater that had 50,000 seats was once the favorite sporting stadium of Rome. The only difference is that their favorite sport was seeing gladiators fight each other or animals. There were festivals on these grounds that could go on for over 100 days and saw thousands of animal slaughtering and deaths. Now, the colosseum stands as a grand monument to the days of ancient Rome. If you want to visit Rome, make sure you definitely come here. Find more information on the visit Colosseum website.

Bars and pubs

The Roman bars and pubs are quickly becoming the hotspot of craft beers in Italy. Even the smallest pubs in the city can offer you at least a dozen different types of craft beers and several other bottled beer varieties alongside burgers, salads and other delicacies. If you visit Rome and don’t go around town drinking different beers, you have really wasted your time.

Pizza madness

You would be tired if you simply go bar hopping. Make sure that you stop in between to taste the delicious Roman pizza. The most beautiful part about Roman pizza is that it is cooked in the same old ways since years. The pizza usually has a crunchy crust but, in some places, you will get a crunchy exterior with a gooey interior as well. The classic tomato and oregano topping is still considered the best here but look around and you may find other unique toppings with a large variety of cheeses topped generously on the pie.

The St Clement Basilica

The most beautiful thing about this three-tiered complex was that it was been standing here for 2000 years and has more Roman history in its lap than any other place in the city. The basilica is houses in an interesting complex that has the ruins of churches from the 1200s and another church houses beneath it from the year 350 AD. This was not all, there is yet another ancient layer of the church that was built around 1 AD. The church has a very beautiful interior as well which features wonderful mosaic works as well as Renaissance era frescos.

Ride a Fiat 500

We bet no one told you about this little Roman experience.  You can get Vintage Fiat 500 driving tours in the city, with or without a chauffeur. The tour will take you around town and get to see the most beautiful sights in the city. If you want to take control of your tour around the city then consider renting a vehicle from

So, this was our list. Let us know which options you liked the most.