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Tips to Find the Right Storm Tracker App

I have always used the same weather app and never thought of trying a new one. I accidentally came across the top 10 storm tracking apps when I thought my area was going to experience a nasty storm last week. I will list the link below so you can check out some of the top storm tracking apps but keep reading to find tips on downloading the best weather app for you.

Top Storm Tracking Apps

Predicting Coastal Weather by Studying Ocean Waves

Sad but true, coastal weather has been increasing more deadly and consistent than ever before. One of the deadliest Hurricanes of all time was Hurricane Maria in 2017. If you live near the coast, you may want to rely on weather apps that focus on brewing storms in the ocean, coastal winds, and changes in the tides. If you live in the Sunshine State of Florida, you know the sun may shine, but that your state has been hit with more severe storms and weather than any other state in the U.S. Because of the impact and regularity of extreme weather there, you might want an app like CNN weather that keeps a close eye on the developing storms in the ocean as well as the tides and temperatures forming. Another crucial feature for an app for those living by the coast is a tide tracker. It is important to know the difference between normal low and high tides and when to be worried about a possible hurricane with larger shifts in the tides. If you live in California or anywhere on the west coast, you might want to find an app that focuses its direction in your area so you are aware of impending storms. Unfortunately, if you are living on the coast, a good thing to have is an app that will let you know if there are any alerts issued in your area like evacuations. Knowing how long you have to evacuate and what to bring could be crucial if a major storm is headed your way.

Learning about Storms Through Hot Weather Patterns

Major storms are often caused by a heat wave. Hurricanes and tornadoes are born from warm air rising off the earth’s surface and pushing into cold air. Global warming has increased the severe storms so much that one area can experience and hurricane one week and the next to be under a drought emergency alert. Due to this increase, you need to have an app that gives you a lot of information. You not only need to know about the percentage of daily rainfall, but you also should know about the heat wave index, what drought possibilities there are, and what the stability of the air is. Both Hurricanes and tornadoes thrive on this instability, it just depends if you live on land or closer to the sea. If you live on land away from the coast, you want to download an app that focuses on tornado tracking. Similarly, if you live on the coast, you want an app that specifically watches radars for hurricane tracking.

The Importance of Weather Tracking in Agriculture

As a farmer or rancher, you need an app that gives you an idea of not only day-to-day weather but also seasonal weather patterns. You can use apps that get their data from satellites and radars or use tried and true methods like the Farmer’s Almanac. Farmers of some commodities like wine and coffee can see the devastation of a storm in one single season. With just one flood, coffee can rot in its field, whilst extreme drought can kill grapevines and leave the farmer with nothing to harvest. Both coffee and wine can be extremely costly to produce and storm damage can drive the cost in the market up vastly. Many farmers may also experience storm damage to their barns and outbuildings, creating a need for commercial property damage lawyers to help keep them afloat. Both brokers of commodity and farmers and ranchers could do with apps that allow them to give and receive advice as well as keep a close eye on the weather.

When and How Much to Stock up Before a Storm

Weather can ruin a day to the park due to light rain or thunderstorm, but it can also be as serious. Strong winds and rain can fell trees, down powerlines, and leave entire homes without power (see for more information). In addition, power surges can result from a storm and damage your electrical equipment that way. Getting an app that can track storms is therefore important as it can allow you to prepare for potential surges and power outages. Though often the most damaging type of storm out there is a hurricane. Hurricanes often cause massive damage and leave many homes in need of emergency roof repair services like this roofer in otsego. They can also create a negative environmental and economic impact for an entire area with its capability to do massive damage. Therefore it’s important to stock up on essential supplies in preparation for a hurricane about to happen in a few days. However, buying many supplies in bulk can backfire as they can easily be destroyed in the storm. Although Hurricanes are #1 in the most damage caused, there are many other types of severe storms that cause major damage. Floods and droughts can equally be a cause of major damage and even threaten the safety of the food we eat or our ability to work. Stocking up on clean water and food may help in these circumstances.


There are a vast amount of apps out there that can help you stay updated and keep track of impending storms in your area. Whether you live on a farm in Kansas or on the coast of Florida, there is an app that can help you see in front of any severe weather heading your way and help you prepare just in case. Try out the apps in the link above but keep in mind these helpful hints when you are looking for the best weather tracking app for your needs.