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Things to Bring While Camping in Devon

Camping in Devon can be an exciting experience full of new things to try. However, just like anything else, you don’t want to leave the house unprepared. From urban escapades and pub crawls, to simply taking in nature’s beauty, there’s a lot you can do in Devon.

Today, we’re going to go over some of the things you shouldn’t forget before you head out the door for a holiday in Devon.

Let’s get started.

1: Extra Clothes

You might only be visiting Devon for the weekend, but as we said, your journey can take you through some wildly different experiences.

You might be enjoying a tranquil day hiking along a woodland trail, and then suddenly end up at the beach enjoying a day of swimming.

You need extra clothing to make sure you’re able to do those spur-of-the-moment things as they pop up. Instead of just bringing the two outfits you need, don’t forget a swimsuit, and a couple of extra outfits in case something gets wet or the tone of your activity changes. You wouldn’t want to go to the pub in the same clothes you went hiking in just a few hours earlier.

2: GPS App

If you stay on the property at one of the holiday parks, you’ll have everything you really need or want within an easily navigable area. However, what happens if you want to go explore Torre Castle or visit one of the nearby gastro pubs that aren’t on the property?

That takes a bit more navigation, and you can easily get lost; wasting your precious holiday time.

Bringing a GPS, or at least ensuring that your phone has an appropriate app installed and a car-compatible charger at the ready, will make sure that doesn’t happen.

3: Written Plans

It’s always exciting to just go somewhere and let life take you where it may, but Devon has quite a bit going on. Even in just one of the holiday parks, you can end up getting overwhelmed, or fall in love with one aspect of the park so much that you miss everything else. Let alone when you go exploring on your own.

Take some time before your trip to research what’s in the area, write down the attractions you want to see and when you want to see them, and then bring those notes with you.

It’s a holiday. So, don’t force yourself to stick to a rigid schedule and add stress to your life. Just use it as a general guideline to keep you on track, and you’ll get a lot more out of your trip.

4: Spare Cash

Everyone needs a budget, and if you plan ahead, you can easily get your budget within a few Euros of what you actually need for the entire trip. However, vacations are unpredictable, and with so much to do in the area, you’re bound to get side-tracked by a restaurant you never heard of but smells great, a museum that catches your eye, etc.

Make sure you keep a bit of extra cash on you to take advantage of those pop-up opportunities.