The World’s Best Walks to Go On!

Travelling is enjoyed by each and every one of us. Sometimes you want to visit places where you feel special as you walk around and where you can explore the nature that is around you. Here are some of the best places you can visit that offer spectacular walks.

1. Great Ocean Road walk

This place is located on the southeastern coast of Australia in the Victoria region. You will enjoy trekking the coastal cliff through dense forest. You will come across a variety of coastal landscapes along the picturesque Johanna beach. You can also enjoy a picnic at Apollo Bay along and can explore Cape Otway where koala bears can be seen in abundance.

2. Inca trail

This place is located in Peru, which is considered as one of the best walking destinations in the world. You can walk for 4 days and can explore the ancient sites which are sacred. You can also walk on rocky paths along grand mountain passes. You can start the trek from Cuzco, which boasts mountainous scenery.

3. Pacific Crest

This place is a hiking trail located in western United States. This trail is also known as ‘Wild’ because of its natural beauty. It starts near the Mexico border and moves all the way to Canada, crossing 7 national parks and 25 national forests. You can just walk sections of this path, making it a great walk to try.

4. Ganesh Himal panorama trek

This place is regarded as a classic trekking point in Nepal where hikers will enjoy the beautiful views of mountains along with Annapurna’s. You will also come across with Tiru danda and pansang la which are beautiful ridges.

5. Shikoku Pilgrimage

This place is located in Japan and it gives you the real picture of the regions history. This is one of the most famous and longest walking trails in the world and it has 88 temples along the way. If you were to walk the entire hike, it would take you 60 days to complete.

6. Kungsleden Trek

This trek is located in Sweden which is considered best for remote trekking. People will explore the highest mountains in Sweden along with enjoying the beauty of that place.

7. Bruce Trail

This is one of the longest trails in Canada and here you will enjoy waterfalls along with rivers and streams. The plant and wildlife is a major attraction of this beautiful place.

8. Jeju Olle

This place is located in South Korea, which is surrounded by a beautiful coastline along with beaches, hills and prairies. In short, we can say that this walk will allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the region.

If you are planning walking holidays to go on in the future, then these are just some of the destinations you can add to your list.