The Ultimate Travel Photography Packing List

Have you just started with travel photography? You need to pack right for your travel photography trip. Apart from clothes, you need to pack your photography equipment as well.

To help you become a pro in travel photography, we have the ultimate packing list for you. Whenever you travel to take photographs, ensure you have all these things packed and ready. It will ensure you are perfectly prepared to get the best travel photographs.

The Packing List

1) The Bag

Before talking about the camera, we need to talk about the bag in which you will keep the camera and other accessories. You need a separate backpack or shoulder bag to carry your photography gear. Look for a lightweight and sturdy bag. Prefer a bag with anti-theft and rain protection features.

2) The Camera

While you can shoot even with a mobile phone, a professional photographer would have the best quality DSLR or mirrorless camera. Ideally, choose a lightweight camera convenient to carry.

3) Lenses

Professional photographers need to have different lenses. A minimum of 2 lenses are needed. One would be a wide-angle lens and the other a zoom lens. To start, one lens should be sufficient.

4) Filters

Filters would help you give an artistic effect to your travel photos and are an essential part of your photo travel kit. A neutral density filter and circular polarizing filter are the minimum requirements needed.

5) Tripod

Professionals use tripods to prevent camera shake and get the best photos. Choose a tripod that is lightweight, easy to carry around, and strong.

6) Cable release

A cable release is ideally needed for long-exposure photography. It would help in preventing camera shake and allow you to take photos from a distance.

7) Batteries

Apart from the batteries in the camera, you need extra batteries. If you traveling into the wilderness, you never know when you will get access to a power source. So, keep extra batteries for your camera to avoid running out.

It goes without saying that you need a battery charger. Whenever you check into a hotel or find a power source, charge the used batteries.

8) Memory cards

When you are traveling, you will get multiple photo opportunities. You shouldn’t face the problem of restricting the photos you take because you don’t have space in your memory card. Carry extra memory card(s) to prevent this from happening.

Also, take a card reader along with you. When you get the time, back up the data. You can even get a portable hard disk to download photos, so you can free up space on the card.

9) Cleaning gear

When you travel, your camera and accessories are exposed to dust and grime. You need a microfiber lens cleaner, so you can keep the camera lens clean without worrying about getting scratches on it. A lens pen is a handy accessory that you can use to clean your camera.

10) Camera protection

Travel photography is outdoor photography, where the camera and other equipment are exposed to the elements. Be prepared to deal with rain and/or snow. A rain sleeve will protect your camera while a rain fly will keep your backpack safe from the elements.

11) Other items

Other items you need for your travel photography include:

  • A smartphone as a backup to take photographs in case your camera fails.
  • Your laptop, so you can download photos and start editing them during your free time.
  • A universal adapter plug to ensure your camera and battery charger gets power wherever you go.
  • Lighting equipment to shoot in less light.

By following these tips and packing ahead of time, you will be fully set to capture all the beautiful sights you come across during your travels.