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The Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Canada

Holidays are a time when you feel relaxed. You can sip coffee while listening to your favourite music in the morning with no worries about tomorrow. No office, no school, and no plans. You can chill with your friends or family. So, here are some suggestions to make your holiday the best time ever.

What about spending your holidays in Canada? It is one of the most appealing tourist destinations that you should explore in your life at least once. Those snowy mountains are so tempting, what about the cute polar bears and skydiving that we believe you will never want to miss. Also, Canada has the best world heritage sites that make you feel lost. If you want to capture the exclusive moments of Canada, quickly browse cheap flights to Canada. Pack up your bags and go on holiday to Canada this year.

  1. Canadian Vineyards-The Peller Estates Winery
    It is located in Niagara on the lake where you can travel using the car hire services over there. You can taste not only the wine but can view the fields, buy and celebrate there with a wine glass in your hand. There are more vineyards to go such as Nichol vineyard and Fielding Estate in Niagara, Peninsula.
  2. Forillon National Park
    Those of you who are fond of flora and fauna will like the forest, seaside cliffs, seashore and the natural prairies here, which are around 700 kinds. You can perform activities like hiking over here and can embrace the environment. It has been found out from the studies that the Government of Canada has invested $15 Million for the maintenance of Forillon National Park to make it friendly for the tourists as well as the local people. You must visit this beautiful place and the summer season is a good time to travel here.
  3. Niagara Falls
    If you are in Toronto, you can take a drive for less than an hour to this location. You can select your favourite point to view this enchanting Niagara Falls. Established in the year 1885, the fall drops up to 57 meters where you can follow the alluring rainbow sometimes. The Niagara Falls comprises of three of the most beautiful falls; Bridal Veil Falls, The Horseshoe Falls, and American Falls. It’s a treat to watch during summers as the water flows at a range of 700,000 gallons per second.
  4. CN Tower in Toronto
    Be sure you are not scared of heights because this tower has an amazing height of 553 meters. You can also have appetising food at its revolving 360 restaurant. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Canada and approximately 2 million people visit it each year. We suggest you visit this location during the night as you can observe the various colours lit in it.
  5. Whistler
    This place is known as a “London Mountain” as its lower elevations are mostly full of fog. You will find a lot of bears here and can capture them with your camera. You can perform both summer and winter activities at Whistler. Mountain biking is common here during summers. Whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and jet boating are a few more activities you can plan here. Whistler has all the required facilities such as restaurants, hospitals, and hotels where you can stay and enjoy your holidays in peace.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world with the most amazing natural sites and magnificent landscapes. Also, Canada is covered with the largest forest area that makes it naturally adorable. We wish you a happy journey, happy travelling!