Staying Fit on Your Travels – Practical Tips from a Traveling Couple

So you’ve come back from an epic trip you really enjoyed, whether for work or leisure, but there’s one problem. Your fitness schedule was thrown right off and, since you plan to turn this travel lifestyle into a full-time thing, you’re worried that you’re going to turn into a big, fat, unhealthy blob!

After all, if a couple of days, a week or two, or maybe even an entire month, was enough to have you falling off a health and fitness routine, how on earth are you going to manage a lifetime of prolonged travel? As a traveling couple constantly on the road, we believe we have some great practical tips you can implement to stay fit on your travels, no matter how long you go away for at a time.

Be somewhat of a cheapskate

We sometimes shoot ourselves in the foot when we religiously eat up what the travel and tourism industry tells us is value we’re expected to pay for. A cheaper hotel, hostel, guest house, etc, which doesn’t have an elevator for instance, is more beneficial to those travelers who want to maintain a fair bit of activity. Having to carry your luggage up a flight of stairs and use those stairs every time you go come and go is a great way to get in some “natural” exercise.

Generally though, it pays to be somewhat of a cheapskate if you’re a traveler who wants to stay fit. Accommodation that’s some distance from the amenities you want to get to means you can walk there or jog, getting in some much-needed exercise without having to think too much about it. Walk, job, cycle, hike – that’s how we do it with great ease!

Fully embrace the digital revolution

Fitness coaching brands such as CALIBER make up the ideal selection of the various utilities you can use to add a bit more of a “professional” and structured approach to maintaining your fitness while traveling. Use apps to track your activity, along with perhaps checking in with a personal trainer online.

Embracing the digital revolution in this and many other ways helps us plan and keep track of all we do while out on the road, making it easier to make sure we account for the requisite activity to maintain our fitness.

What it boils down to

It’s all about deploying all the tools available to make fitness part of your traveler’s lifestyle. Firstly, make use of the information you can access digitally, then use that information to plan your travels and the associated routines in such a way that you cover your fitness needs, even if it means searching for a local gym at which to make up whatever deficit you may have let form.

Walk to the grocery store and back, returning with ingredients you can use to whip up healthy meals, etc…