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Safari Travel Advice for First Timers

Going on safari is an amazing adventure that many of us may not go on – but if you are, then you’re in for a great time! If it’s your first safari trip, there are some top tips you ideally should take note of before you go, and they are as follows:

You will see some great sights – but not all

Not all safaris are the same. On a Kenya safari, you’ll see elephants and wildebeests, plus you’ll get the chance to experience private homesteads; in Uganda, you can see gorillas. So if you have any specific ideas about what you want to see and do, then make sure you know where to go before you make that all-important booking.

However, there’s a chance you won’t see all the animals you may want to. Seeing wildlife will be a bonus, with skilled rangers working with visitors to teach them about how to locate certain species.

Check for vaccinations

If this is your first visit to the African continent, make sure you check in with your family doctor to see if there are any specific vaccinations you need to have before you leave. They may also be able to advise you on any other medications to take for your trip.

Some visas may require you to get certain vaccinations, so thus will be necessary. Others may be recommended, but check with your healthcare professional.

Dress well

You can leave your best outfit at home, as it’s unlikely you’ll need it for a black-tie event if you’re going on a safari holiday. However, you’ll need to make sure you pack the correct clothing for the conditions.

If you’re going on safari, you’ll learn quickly that it isn’t hot all the time. The early mornings and evenings in particular may be a bit on the cool side, so it’s best you take a few layers with you so you can dress for the conditions – you’re likely to go out on rides during these times to see animals at their most active before it gets too hot. Consider taking a sweater or jacket, with t-shirts to wear underneath.

It’s best to stick to neutral colours for your clothing, or khaki or greens: you will better blend in with the environment when out in the African bush. Avoid wearing red, black, blue and white: you will be more noticeable to the animals.

Think about protecting yourself from mosquitoes when you pack your clothes, too. Long sleeves and trousers will help protect you against bites.

Pack well

There are plenty other essentials that you may not have thought about packing into your bag. Before you leave for your safari trip of a lifetime (either before you leave home or go out for the day). :

  • Sun cream
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water
  • Sunglasses (and prescription lenses if you wear contacts – the conditions might get too dusty to wear them comfortably)
  • Hat
  • Any medication you may need for the duration of you trip