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Reasons to Book a Pearl Seas Cruise for a Great Lakes Trip

Cruises are a great way to spend your vacation chartering the waters with food, entertainment, exploration, and like-minded groups of people coming together to celebrate life. One of the best ways to experience all that cruises have to offer is to take a journey along the Great Lakes on the Pearl Seas Cruise. Going on a cruise may not be enough and you want to take your car with you. Make sure you know the cost to ship a vehicle. This way during your cruise, every expense and experience are counted down to the last cent. The Pearl Mist is the ideal vessel to book your trip for a cruise along the Great Lakes, offering an unmatched maritime experience with the best the Great Lakes have to offer. Read on as we take a look at some of the best reasons to book a Pearl Seas Cruise for a Great Lakes trip this year.

Unmatched Views

Each room on the Pearl Mist comes with its own balcony and pristine full-length glass doors that let you enjoy all the beautiful views on your journey along the Great Lakes. The private balconies ensure that you experience every landscape like it was meant to be experienced.

Additionally, the three sun decks on different levels allow you to experience the sun in all its glory. Coupled with the views along the Great Lakes itinerary, Pearl Seas Cruises offer an unmatched experience for all its guests all year round.

Fine Dining

The Pearl Seas Cruise builds your entire cruise experience around exquisite fine dining. The Pearl Mist cuisine is centered around seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and delectable local dishes that allow you to experience the taste of each destination in a unique and innovative way.

In addition to the fine cuisine, the Pearl Seas Cruise takes special care of its guests who have dietary restrictions. Specially designed menus are available round the clock catering to guests with special dietary needs. Aside from the delicious food, the evening drinks allow the guests to intermingle and get to know each other as they travel alongside one another on the Great Lakes cruise.

Enrichment Program

To ensure that the guests experience each destination most fully, the Pearl Seas Cruises offer extensive learning opportunities, including guided tours and behind-the-scenes visits to museums. The deeply engaging lectures aboard the cruise regarding the destinations are designed to allow the guests to connect to the locations at a deeper level.

In addition to the knowledge-based endeavors, the locale-relevant culinary demonstrations and music are designed to fill you with a deep appreciation for the culture and traditions of each location along the Great Lakes.

Stunning Decks

The Pearl Mist is host to three stunning observation decks that allow you to experience the beauty of the waters while resting in the sun. In addition to the sun decks, there are different lounges, including the Lido Lounge, Coral Lounge, Atlantic Lounge, and Pacific Lounge, that offer a divine mix of music, entertainment, and splendid views of the destinations. You can grab your favorite novel from the onboard library and read it on one of the observation decks for a wonderful experience of the sea. Whether it is a peaceful moment in the sun or a buzzing evening party, the Pearl Mist has something for every guest.