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Reasons That Will Persuade You Choose Bus Travel Next Time

Nowadays, everyone wants to travel by plane, which is totally understandable. It’s fast and quite convenient, and this is what our hardworking fast-living society needs. However, for some reason bus travel doesn’t go extinct, no matter how many perks airlines promise and provide.

Reason One: Cheaper Travel

Although it’s possible to find airplane tickets at really low rates, bus travel is still the most economic. There are lots of permanent discounts for children, students, elderly, etc. Also, some seasonal sales may give you as much as 50% off! Considering that the tickets aren’t that expensive in the first place, these sales will save you a lot of money.

Reason Two: Stops to Relax

Going long distances by plane or train will give you a chance to take a break a walk a little bit only to the restroom and back. When traveling by bus, you get several short-time stops and one or two longer stops, depending on the distance you travel. During those breaks, you’ll be able to come outside and stretch your muscles, go grab a warm meal and some coffee, and just take a stroll.

Reason Three: No Luggage Worries

If you travel by bus, you don’t have to worry about how much your luggage weights, being afraid of the payment you’ll need to make if it’s even one pound above the limit. Moreover, there’s no stress as to whether you need to register your suitcases to all the stops. And even more than that, you can be sure your luggage won’t go missing.

Reason Four: Closer Planning

When buying airplane tickets, sometimes people check as early as three months before the flight to get the cheapest price possible. This is quite stressful and may give you this feeling of hanging in the air, when you already have the tickets but there are still 3 months to the trip. Bus tickets are almost always the same price, and they are available all the time, except it’s a rare destination and the buses fill up quickly.

Reason Five: Your Destination Point

Bus stations are much closer to the center of the city than airports. To get where you need from an airport, you need a shuttle bus, and if you arrive late in the evening, you might need a taxi, which is pretty costly. Some buses also can drive you closer to your destination if it’s in their way.

So, if you think about these “some reasons”, you might as well choose bus travel next time you plan a trip.