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Private Jet or Public Flight? Your FAQ Guide to Travelling in Style

If you’ve got the money and the freedom when it comes to travel, then you should be exploring more options for yourself then just the usual, run of the mill commercial flying experience. While it may seem a bit out there to consider doing a private jet charter for your travel plans, you may find yourself never going back after trying it. There’s some things to consider and some questions you may have, and International Jet has the FAQ to handle your curiosity and hopefully get you flying private charter for the first time ever.

How is flying private charter jets different from flying in first class?

First class has its amenities. We won’t argue that. But it also has crowds, clutter, noise, and a host of other annoyances that come with commercial travel. Even while flying first class, you have to deal with the hassle of an airport – security checks, long lines, and all sorts of regulations. Flying charter gives you freedom and lowers your stress level.

Besides, private jet pricing can vary depending on many factors, and it might not prove to be that heavy on your pocket when compared to first-class tickets. In any case, when comfortable and stress-free travel is the goal, then flying charter might be exactly what you’re looking for.

How individualized is my charter jet experience compared to commercial flights?

With our private flights, you can get unparalleled care and customer service that you just don’t see in even the best first class seating in commercial airlines. You get attentive and personal attention from our staff with a plane entirely to yourself. There’s no worry about picking from limited in-flight meals or drink menus, we strive to offer you choice and variety.

What concierge services are included in my private charter flight?

While first class commercial flights may get you a slightly better menu and free drinks, we offer something better than that. We provide full catering on flights that can be tailored to your needs. If you need something special, just ask us. We source from some of the best food providers out there. Light snacks and drinks are complimentary on each flight and you’re also welcome to bring along any food amenities of your own as you desire.

Do you offer transport to and from the airport?

Not only do we offer transport to and from the airport, we offer it in style. Personalized, limousine transport can be arranged for your transportation needs to and from the airport so every part of your journey is hassle free and stylized for comfort and luxury.

Do you offer concierge services for my trip beyond the flight?

We do that, too. We’re not just an airline, we’re an entire vacation and trip resource. Our world class concierge can offer you restaurant recommendations and reservations as well as assistance on any special needs and requests you have for your time not spent on our private jet.

Where can I fly to?

We fly out of Denver to a number of locations including: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Miami, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boise, and Seattle, among international options.

Can I fly international?

We fly to the following international cities: Montreal, QC, Winnipeg, MB, San Jose Del Cabo, BS, and Philipsburg, St. Martin. We offer special rates for those trips so make sure to call and confirm during your booking.

How can I get started planning a trip?

It starts with a quote. Visit our website to get started on planning your trip, selecting your service and amenities, and putting together the trip that makes the most sense for you.

Ready to get started? Start with your free quote on a booking for your next chartered private flight and take your trip – whether vacation or business – in style. Don’t settle for ordinary.