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Pokies Explained in Relation to Slots

Though Australia did not see the first slot machines created, they were not far behind the US to discover more and this meant that, as with everything, slot machines required some sort of Australian slang terms to be used.  This meant that the term “Pokies” which is thought to have been derived from the word “Poker” is now a word that more commonly described slot machines. 

Original Poky Slots

The first slot Pokies landed in Australia only around 60 years ago.  They would not have been anything like what we are used to being able to play online today but you would easily have been able to recognise what their function was. 

Over the last six decades, the pokies available to the Australians have increased from the original three reel poky all the way up to the 12 reel poky, with the more recent addition of the one reel and 200 payline slot.  This new way of playing slots has meant that poky can be a much more inclusive game as anyone can be involved, placing a bet on the reel for just a single penny but being in with a chance of winning millions of dollars in return.

Whichever side of the world you are playing on, referring to this game as slots or poky, it is very much the same thing as is loved by millions worldwide every single day.  They are easy to play, require no strategy to be able to participate and they can be accessed from quite literally anywhere which means that you can always be in with a significant chance of being able to win a life-changing sum of money. 

Top Pokies

Loved in Australia, America and the UK, there are specific pokies that have won the hearts and wallets all over the world.  The reasons that they have been so popular do vary, with some being loved for their themes, others for their large payouts, and others for the general concept behind the game.  But what are the most favoured slots?

Mega Moolah has been a huge hit for over a decade and its main reason is the fact that it is renowned for having the ability to make players stinking rich.  It has an impressive savannah backdrop, with beautiful scenes and lots of animal characters to keep you occupied along the way.  It has seen some of the biggest wins in the history of online slots gaming thanks to the fact that it is such a high progressive jackpot slot game.

Though Mega Moolah is highly favoured all over the world, it is by no means the only top-ranking slot and there are plenty of others competing for the top place.  These include 100 Panda with 100 paylines available on every spin; Billyonaire which is great fun and a high volatility slot, and Gonzo’s Quest with its cascading blocks and lots of free spins.  Whatever you are in to and wherever you are playing from, there is a pokie that will be sure to excite you!