On the Trail: What We like About Hiking

Sometimes our lives can get busier than a traffic jam during rush hour. We constantly move from task to task until bedtime – and then the cycle continues. In the busyness of life, losing track of the beauty around us can be all too easy…

That’s where hiking can help. Whether you’re new to hiking and looking for the best REI rentals, or you’re a pro and you already have what you need, hiking is perfect for everybody at any level. It’s humbling to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re heading out on your first major hike or you’ve been tackling mountains since you were a child, there’s always more to learn about hiking – there’s tons of information to get stuck into online. Here are four reasons why we think hiking is worth the time.

Hiking Heightens the Senses

Consider climbing rocks to reach the best view of the sky at the perfect time: sunset. We love having a gorgeous view of the sun as it takes a bow across the horizon for the day. We love the feeling of stone beneath our feet. And we love the smell of the air around us. As our senses tune into our surroundings, we can enjoy them on a heightened level.

Hiking Provides the Chance to Bond with Friends and Family

When hiking, you have the chance to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. This is much better with someone else. Perhaps a friend will notice a rare insect on a leaf that you would have missed. Maybe your friend needs an extra hand to climb over a group of rocks. Or maybe you choose the best path at the fork in the road. Working together with no distractions sets the stage for a genuine experience worth more than a few selfies.

Hiking Is an Incredible Workout

Break out the Fit Bit watch because the step count for your hike will typically be off the charts, especially if you’re planning to double back for the return trail. Walking and climbing combined create an excellent workout. You will feel your legs strengthen, and you will burn calories from walking. On a day filled with sunshine, hiking beats an uphill climb on a treadmill every time!

Hiking Builds Perseverance Within the Hiker

At the start of the trail, hikers begin a journey. They don’t know what obstacles they’ll face along that journey, whether it’s a maze of branches or rainy weather or even a small cave to climb through. But they do know their goal: to make it through the trail. We believe this is especially meaningful because it requires more than wishful thinking. Hiking a trail takes willpower and develops perseverance. Even when obstacles arise, hikers must find within themselves the motivation to move forward. Hiking heightens perseverance – a quality that lasts far beyond the trail.